Deaf Valedictorian Delivers Inspirational Speech

Evan Mercer didn't let being deaf get in the way of his dreams.
4:37 | 05/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deaf Valedictorian Delivers Inspirational Speech
Ladies and gentlemen with the GPA -- four point 692. The valedictorian -- the class of 2014. Mr. Evan Mercer. Who could have ever have imagined. Someone like me when -- made this -- You see polish born -- But -- -- this was not discovered went out nearly four years old. I had met those critical years when children are -- -- sound into worse. Not just told my parents I would never learned to read and -- without the question. By -- I entered elementary school I was so far I've -- classmates that -- and -- But definite problem Austin. Should never get back. Now -- the experts tell you cannot be -- Not when yep bonds so far behind according seems the only way out. Not -- achieving your -- -- seeking absolute impossibility. Now about -- not here to right the first time. It took me seven years to -- -- a simple three word sentence. I'm not known as juggling these failures them. Thomas and failed over a thousand times report on the right design -- well. Henry Ford went bankrupt again and it again before his company Polycom. Understand that -- is easy but is also -- permanent. Do not -- -- self -- and it's fair fight go way back. Understand that nor can hold down. Not friends not yet anyway not -- Reuters. Only you can imagine -- -- -- was -- was our deficit one performance at the Crandall opera. The mayor Richard -- he was not going anywhere you go back to jogging tracks. The next few Elvis not read number one hit all because you're used -- Latin opinions of others hold him back. Commit to protect you drink -- all cops. If you want something. We've used technology dollars and those trying to poison that negativity. Lot absolutely nothing. Not skeptics. Not those who think they know more than you do you. Not even your own years stop you from achieving that goal. Ignore those who speak and possibilities. They are choosing to live in a world of media -- Chuck Yeager rejected a belief that men cannot travel -- -- the speed of sound. That first art room she reached -- -- represent the sound of overcoming. Them possible. -- expert in my life that -- impossible for me is successful in the world that your. My standing before you here today shows you that impossible -- within the -- of all of us. Find your -- impossible. And bring it to his knees. Which -- that -- that these -- the best years of your life. -- refused to accept -- peaking at age eighteen. My bet here is going to be the buried -- in my life whenever that may be. Living in the past the quarters way refusing to face new challenges. Make the choice should never stop moving forward. Today and we celebrate our hot -- graduation. We owe a debt to teachers and counselors coaches and Harris who gave us a strong foundation. Now it is up to opt to -- them just what we can't build on that foundation. Why haven't used like that that the army. I would welcome being -- -- -- -- -- Now let's go show the world that a Hairston reported -- -- book because we never. Never give out. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"Evan Mercer didn't let being deaf get in the way of his dreams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23932048","title":"Deaf Valedictorian Delivers Inspirational Speech","url":"/GMA/video/deaf-valedictorian-delivers-inspirational-speech-23932048"}