Deals and Steals: $20 and Under

Get exclusive discounts on high-end products, including a dinnerware collection, versatile jewelry, totes -- and Lincoln Logs for the kids!
4:33 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: $20 and Under
Tory Johnson is back in times square with big bargains for you and your children and they're all $20 or less. Welcome back. You were out on the road. We had the best time. We have fun here too. We had a really good time on the road. Everything as you said is under 20 bucks. Yeti houseware, their new desert collection and the color, this pitcher is what I fell in love with and saw it in "Oprah" magazine and thought that is a winner. Espresso cups, coffee cups. Everything mix and match and all cops gift boxed so great for gifts. Treat yourself. Normally everything riepgs from 30 to $45 slashed 50 to 56% so from 15 to 20 bucks. This is 15. Pretty good deal. So I lo this brand. They make gorgeous bracelets. This is a wrap bracelet you can do so much with. It's very lightweight. You feel it's super lightweight but get a lot of bling going on with just a lightweight piece that can also if you don't triple it around your wrist you can use it as a necklace. Such beautiful colors that are great right now but we'll take you through the year. Fabulous deal on these. Normally $60. What I love magnatic closure. These are slashed by 67%, 20 bucks. Okay. Just so happens it matches my outfit. How about that? Isn't that convenient? Okay, so these are so fun. This is so great. It starts out black like this but then when you upload your own photographs that they put onto the mug, when you put in any kind of hot beverage, the photo appears. Ooh is this so just like that so it's kind of just a fun way to wake yourself up, you know. Fun way. Image reveals. I love that when you put in that hot beverage. These normally $20 slashed in half, 10 bucks today. Fun for everyone. Two for 20. Okay. These are great bags. I love this company. Rumi cage out with one new product I love. Look at this. A handbag then this is called the rumi raincoat so you carry it just like this in your purse and when it's raining you don't get your bag ruined. You just literally slip this right over your bag. Comes in a variety of different patterns and you invest so much money in a beautiful bag and oftentimes it's in the rain and ruined. Yeah, I completely forgot about that. Super fun. Three different sizes of classic totes, again, really fun, grocery shopping, teeny, starts like this, three sizes, these are so great to have around. Normally they range 8 to $18 already a really good price, everything is slashed by at least 50%. 4 to 6.50. One you stock up on. Beautiful designs. Kid's classic. This is a classic. Lincoln logs are celebrating this year their 100th anniversary. Yeah. This is something that I think everyone around the studio has loved. All the guys here, I was going to say it's for kids but all the guys here had so much fun with Lincoln logs. You know what, this is something you and your daughter will do. Something like everybody loves Lincoln logs spying so much when they got to set these up yesterday so it's not just these but there's some parts from qnex. These were developed by an architect. Normally depending on the set you choose they range from $30 to $45 today only slashed by more than half to 15 to 20 bucks for your choice. Love it. Girls' verbs. A pink outfit. But the blue is good for girls too. The green is good for girls. Pink can go for the boys. Doesn't really matter. How much fun was it out being on the road? I had the best time. So not only did I meet amazing people but we featured phenomenal businesses. A lot of amazing affiliates have done some follow-up stories to see the impact on the businesses so I love that. Hearing from viewers who already got their orders and it was a lot of fun. Thank you. Thank you for letting me do it. Thank you for coming back. We were worried about that. I had a good time. We'll have to do it again. Thanks for the companies for providing the great deals. Get a bonus deal, you know she always comes with a bonus deal. Go to on Yahoo! Beautiful weather out here, rob.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Get exclusive discounts on high-end products, including a dinnerware collection, versatile jewelry, totes -- and Lincoln Logs for the kids!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39054869","title":"Deals and Steals: $20 and Under","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-20-39054869"}