Deals and Steals Up to 72% Off!

Tory Johnson shares today's deals for kids, all made in the USA.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals Up to 72% Off!
train. Now it's time for "Deals & steals" and it's kid centric. Tory Johnson is selling products all made in America. These will fly. Go to our website on Yahoo! For the promo codes and links you'll need to get these bargains, must get to it. Voila. So a classic the kinnects company based in Pennsylvania have all these sets. You can make cool things like this or whatever it is that you dream of making starting with an 800-piece set, a 50-piece set on down so their prices start at $18. 18 to $50 slashed in half or actually slashed more than that. By 60%, starting at $5. Great. To $20. When go to our website there is a bonus deal from tinker toys as well. Sarina drew this adorable picture and then we had it converted into sterling pieces so a necklace, here's actually a key chain, a dog tag. Look at this. When my little daughter, 16-year-old says I love you mommy that becomes a necklace. I love this company. So cool based in Long Island city starting at $50 depending on what you choose slashed in half plus free ships, $25 all the details on our website how to upload your picture. Thank you. You make me a mush. That's the goal, baby. A super fun company. You get to imagine Sarina wearing this. Would that be mush. Draw whatever it is you want on these super cute t-shirts. We have the adult version for you too starting at $27. These are slashed in half. $13.50. I love this one. This is a Michigan based company called super fly kids. We have a cape, a Harper and Elliott. I got to get back on the wagon here. I never bring stuff for your kids. They all get capes, get to courthouse the color, emblem. So many products you get to choose from on the website. Really, really big assortment starting at just $10. Yeah, josh will love that. Starting at $10 slashed in half, 5 bucks, you can get amazing things. One of my favorite companies in Chicago, itsy-bitsy. These bags, all new patterns including the plain canvas so if you bring washable markers amazing for plane trips sitting in restaurants so they can do fun stuff. Normally starting at 10 buck, machine washable too slashed in half. There's that $5 price point and bonus deals you'll only get on on Yahoo! We thank the companies for providing these great deal, get the codes, the links you'll find them on on Yahoo! Coming up a very special story.

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{"id":22894370,"title":"Deals and Steals Up to 72% Off!","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson shares today's deals for kids, all made in the USA.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-72-off-22894370","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}