Deals and Steals: Back to School Bargains

ABC's Tory Johnson offers you big discounts on school supplies for students of all ages.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deals and Steals: Back to School Bargains
Visit our friends Torrey Johnson for GMA secret deals that deals as our special back to school edition I can't believe it thirty times or -- Too fast this summer has gone -- these these deals will -- fast as wells and I have to remember you need to coast to do that you go to our website Good Morning America that come. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then you also need to snap them up. As I kids today only right. -- -- -- -- -- And we have a lot of exclusives that you could only -- Good Morning America -- -- find out about how do you think you're gonna love all of these things just starting with I love this backpack. Guilt maybe kids had this -- Alex the company's hot ballot and it hasn't just out bag you call hurting yourself -- this was done by our hearts are actively thinking it was her favorite assignment -- -- and she doesn't holidays and but there are four different patterns aren't as -- data demonstrating them going. Yes so supportive of -- it -- like this in the mail plus six different ten that you get would be. -- you get COM have your own silent planner for -- at this point or -- it. I tell you I. You told me about these last year I got one for Kate had the entire school -- figure at a doctor's appointment. They can do it all on really really -- it is totally and Sarah forever stay Eli Lilly 33 dollars. Get this slashed by 64%. Twelve bucks but -- that's entirely a special two dollars shipping. Yeah. Credible way and it's you know what this is really for all ages all the guys -- the crew want this -- -- -- fuel and it has a rechargeable battery on the inside this little battery comes inside here it holds everything's at your tablet you're no -- -- books everything. And it has all these USB port city you can charge your phone -- Blackberry your tablet whatever is charged on the -- who doesn't love that for girls and guys. -- is what is normally -- hundred dollars you'll buy him some OfficeMax that this deal and it slashed in. And fifty bucks plus free shipping on -- -- yeah. And daddy -- of all ages. -- -- fall -- love this company and this is brandy debuted their kids -- never before seen -- now. These are adorable shoes extra cushioning and because of the -- -- -- there's no I'm raking in their already broken in -- and that's special sort of exclusive that nobody knows about is that really the whole website is part of the deal today so mom can get matching lines up for her. You gotta love that these are normally 47 to 79 dollars depending on if you're choosing kids or adults are actually -- toddler sizes. 50% off the entire -- and I. Yeah -- I wanna save free shipping from puts people of this well then I think he and others -- -- and oh yeah here yeah -- I'm not here. Yeah. -- is the last man. -- don't owe me -- screen is growing so fast you can Bobby Jindal -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He got them from Harlem boys from his mom could be huge selection -- on the wet night. Not only we find the genes but you'll also find and -- big assortment of stocks as well on the Wednesday. Normally the prices problem is 64 Texas 46 to 64 dollars slashed by 57%. As the starting at just -- finding box. -- -- -- selection these aren't as adults do. We're just -- suggested -- -- not and I do you do not. You could come she -- The elite media are saying look at -- but he's actually -- and then at least two classics that have not joined forces. Converse sneakers and DC comics and come up with -- -- incredible collection and -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- and I mean I. They're really bad feeling these are normally 37 to sixty dollars and they start from Kidd single all -- two adults and but we're slashing them at 50%. Starting at just. Did deepening its collection and again congress is getting us marine shipping as well so anyway. -- -- Their argument that this action do -- -- I got to college kids got the parents about everything -- -- exams on San notes back -- -- will miss him. It's but it also means -- -- I know -- that's how I feel the thank -- we have yeah you got it happened. I'm all the companies these great deals full details on the website -- exclusive bonuses that's Good Morning America dot com I got.

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{"id":17018821,"title":"Deals and Steals: Back to School Bargains","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Tory Johnson offers you big discounts on school supplies for students of all ages.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-back-school-bargains-17018821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}