Deals and Steals: Bargains for $10 or Less

Tory Johnson shares some incredible deals, all less than $10.
3:19 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Bargains for $10 or Less
Lara and Dan have things that might do that. We're very excited about Tory's picks this morning. The bargains don't get anything better than this. Everything Tory has is $10 or less. Get online, on Yahoo! To get the deals. They will not last. You'll find the promo codes, the links, everything you need. The first one, we don't need a box because we have a live demo for us, right over there. Dan Abrams. There is Dan Abram, on the hopping ball. It's fun. This is ten bucks? Come on. That's even less opinion. This is worth so much more. You're going to love it, then. The kid size is normally -- Dan, it's even cheaper than that. The kid sizes, which that is, range from $14 to $15. They're slashed in half. $7 to $7.50. If you want the adult version, we have those, too. 50% off. But the kids' size, $7.50. Well worth it. If I didn't have a dress on, Dan Abrams. Here we go. From minted, this is personalized wrapping paper. You can do everything from initials, like we've got a little rrr action here. Or photos. Such fun things for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduation. You get five sheets in the set. Normally 15 bucks. Slashed in half, $7.50. This next one is really cute. Please, do. From Lisa Stewart, this is the Lizzette cuff. It's a thin, little cuff, with an initial. There's every initial, from "A" to "Z" for you to choose from. What I love is you have them on three of them. Your initials, your kids' initiates. And my husband. And you can have your friends, your family. One for the whole "Gma" team. There you go. And the deal -- The deal, normally, these are big-priced items. 60 bucks normally. Slashed by 85%, $9. This one is called pock ed packit. You stick this item into your freezer. And instead of having an ice pack on the inside, it has built-in cooling gel that will last for up to ten hours. It's amazing for lunches, snacks. There's a wine bottle one. A huge assortment. And they last ten hours. These are slashed in half. Starting at $7.50 to $10. You're outdoing yourself today. Last but not least, these are mud pies. They're really cute. There's four different patterns to choose. This material is called jute. Jute and cotton. Look at that. And rope handles. Four colors to choose from. The models, not included. Normally, from mud pie, one of the best sellers. $18, slashed in half. 9 bucks. There's a really nice laminant interior. You can wipe it down. Really nice, Tory. Done it again. Thank you to all of the companies for providing these really awesome deals. Can you just take us to break? Get over here. Come on.

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{"id":23270958,"title":"Deals and Steals: Bargains for $10 or Less ","duration":"3:19","description":"Tory Johnson shares some incredible deals, all less than $10.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-bargains-10-23270958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}