Deals and Steals: Big Bargain to Get Summer-Ready!

These exclusive deals - on children's dinnerware, wrap bracelets, makeup, fun socks and pouches - are all under $20.
3:41 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Big Bargain to Get Summer-Ready!
super fan Jessica Hayes. Hey there, Arkansas. Let's get some great Dees. I love this. Everything is under $20, you can't beat that. First up from blue Q super fun sock company. I picked this out for you. So fresh. So many fun things, you know, they're a little sassy like this one right here, I love my job, ha, ha, just kidding. Very cute. There's a lot of sassy stuff, great selection for men and women, sport, all different things to choose from. You can't go wrong with these. Normally they start at $10, today only everything is slashed in half so start at 5 bucks. Really fun. Oh. This is genius called by baby dipper invented by a mom of two sets of twins to figure out how to do one-hand feeding. Typically with the bowl you have to hold it and maneuver it. This bowl is slanted so all the food goes into one place. It's also got a grip bottom and doesn't slide so great for mom, dad, one-handed feeding and it's perfect to help toddlers learn how to eat so with this deal you are getting the set, the bowl, the fork, the spoon and an additional set of utensils, as well so it's a really phenomenal deal, $18 normally slashed in half, 9 bucks for the dipper. I love that. This is always a big hit with our viewers. Huge hit from lulu dharma. These are the leather double wrap bracelets. Kind of coordinating here although you need Deandre's approval for everything. Beautiful mini beads, all semiprecious stones. Great, what I love about these, adjustable class. Different sizes, look how beautiful they look onscreen. Leather, I said. Normally $99. These are not inexpensive however today only slashed by 81%. Wow. $19 and free shipping from lulu dharma. Free shipping from lulu dharma. Whose birthday is it? Here you go. Happy birthday. Makeup. One of our favorites laura Geller. This is all from laura Geller beauty. Big assortments. She gave us all of the favorites, this spackle is one of her signature products but all of the products are fabulous for eye, lips, blush, big, big assortment. And also what I love in a variety of colors for different skin tones which is also really important, a terrific deal on these. Normally all of the laura Geller products start at $17 but today only, of course, slashing them in half so starting at $8.50. $8.50. And then last but not least this is brand-new. One of my favorites. Look at these. Neoprene tech cases. I got two of them here. So these are great. These are for men, women, kids. You can customize these with a name or initials depending on the style that you choose and what I really love about these, neoprene is great for, school supplies, makeup, receipts, money, flip-flops depending on if you change your shoes. So many different styes to choose from. Two different sizes, as well. Phenomenal gift normally starting at $32 slashed in half 16 bucks includes all the personalizations. There you go. Doesn't look like the one he's holding but that's okay. Fantastic and great buys. Our thanks to Jessica and her crew for joining us and guess what, guess what, our watch party there in Arkansas, you get each one of these amazing products. You all get these. Yes. So fun. We thank our companies for these "Steals & deals" and have an exclusive one on on Yahoo! Come on in.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"These exclusive deals - on children's dinnerware, wrap bracelets, makeup, fun socks and pouches - are all under $20.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39385550","title":"Deals and Steals: Big Bargain to Get Summer-Ready!","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-big-bargain-summer-ready-39385550"}