Deals and Steals: Cyber Monday Part 2

Tory Johnson shares exclusive deals that you can get online on leather bags, glassware and instruments for kids.
2:48 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deals and Steals: Cyber Monday Part 2
We're ready for the season. We're partnering with our sponsor, teleflora. We're partnering to deck the halls. Thank you, teleflora. We love the way the studio looks. We also love Tory Johnson. "Deals & steals" all day. Because it is cybermonday. We partnered with these companies. These two next ones are about making it perm. We love personalized gifts. This one is squeezed in here. To show you, yikes. Sorry, look. You can write any phrase, name, words, anything. Sflit says red carpet ready. That's what I did for you. These are from Lisa Stewart. Everything is genuine leather. I love these. Just a phenomenal selection. Normally $64 to $165. Today, 58% slashed. $24 to $69. And that's with initials? Yes. You can choose initials, names, phrases. All the personalization. You get two pillser ins or the beer mug. One initial, or two. Personized if for beer lover. It's really fabulous quality pieces here. Normally $30 to $40, depending on which you choose. 15 to 20 bucks and free shipping. For kids, you to make some noise. Let's hear it. Let's hear what they do. From shone hut. We have got baby grand pianos. Teeny pianos. Digital keyboards. Drum sets. This lets kids let their imaginations go free. From the leader, 140 years. Arlen is like, got it. She's got it good. Normally, these range from $50 to $360. Depending on what you choose. All of them today are slashed this half. $25 to $180. Blue, you going to give us one big final drum roll? Let's hear it baby. Free shiping! Free shipping on all of them. Do nuts, for the rest of the segment. While we say thank you, guys, to all of the companies for all of these great deals. You can get the lynx and the koezs on our website. That's my girl.

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{"id":43813958,"title":"Deals and Steals: Cyber Monday Part 2","duration":"2:48","description":"Tory Johnson shares exclusive deals that you can get online on leather bags, glassware and instruments for kids.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-cyber-monday-part-43813958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}