Deals and Steals: Hot Summer Savings

Tory Johnson has some amazing bargains on summer items for yourself, your dog and the kids.
2:39 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Hot Summer Savings
And we know it's steamy outside in New York. But we have some "Deals & steals" that are hotter than the weather, if that's possible. Tory Johnson is here with some super summer savings. These deals go quick. You have to go to on Yahoo! Great to see you. Thanks for being here. Look what else we have. Hi. Be able to help with this first deal. That's from a fun company called harry barker. Big assortment of amazing things from harry barker. Looks like Brody has given a seal of approval for all these fun things. Normally starting at $6. Really starting at 3 bucks to have some fun with your furry friend. Next up, this one, baby. Fish flops. These are flip-flops that were created by a teen entrepreneur. Super fun. They have light-up heels for your kids or plain ones for moms. Huge assortment. Normally starting at $22. 11 bucks, plus free shipping. Everyone out swimming this summer, all of these are piece of swimwear, for boys and girls. They have built-in U.V. Protection. That's pretty amazing. You can have so much fun with their dig assortment of patterns. Starting at 22 dlsh, these are slashed in half, 11 bucks. Go for it. Danielle Stevens. This is back by popular demapd. I made a little one that says Eva and Annie. They can be built in or hanging. Five names, silver or gold. Normally starting at $135, slashed by 63%, 45 bucks for Annie and Eva. So cute. Last but not least, this is dangerous. Brody's excited. Three, different packages to choose from Omaha steaks. Normally $131. These are slashed by 70%. $39. Big, big, big assortment you'll only find at "Good morning America" at Yahoo! Thank you so much. Brody is excited. Thanks for all of these companies for providing these great deals. You can get the codes and links for the bargains at on Yahoo! Brody, you want to throw it

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{"id":24409710,"title":"Deals and Steals: Hot Summer Savings","duration":"2:39","description":"Tory Johnson has some amazing bargains on summer items for yourself, your dog and the kids.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-hot-summer-savings-24409710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}