Deals and Steals: Kitchen Edition

ABC News' Tory Johnson offers up great bargains on knives and cookware.
3:11 | 10/18/13

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Kitchen Edition
And -- -- be -- goes you're gonna -- to take a break into the rest. That easy though come courtesy of our dear friend and -- -- -- -- -- coming -- next -- to -- -- -- Okay. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Three sort of essential kitchen and I guess and this is the Santa goodnight Pamela once taught me it's like -- all -- this night and this is the closest I succumbed to -- I don't say yes it is Shaq sent normally as that getting what you QX sixty -- These plastic. Thirty got. Okay. After twelve -- debt payments DL. All the stuff he means that -- Restraining yesterday yeah I am I don't know what you're thinking about that -- 300. Dollars -- this set of twelve plastic. -- 150 -- and -- Yeah thanks -- you admiral -- you lot aren't Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo! go -- these. Com. Cuisinart. -- I'm me -- All of -- literally cook this -- right in -- that he wants you. On you can also -- crushed ice makes movies do anything you want in his device regularly 150 dollars last -- 63% seventy backs. -- -- -- -- Lava it'll certainly. -- -- saw in the car he is really amazing and you can -- is -- million then yeah. -- -- -- -- using -- measuring cup glory days you just. You mentioned right here Nixon or right pregnant -- -- -- whenever you're right that it's not just these two but a huge selection anybody Good Morning America dot com. Regularly they started 45 is a plastic starting its when he. Right on line that was just -- not included in these. I don't think I am finally did the company like there yet found -- from Oprah magazine and needing to know what you're seeing suing your cooking your hand in all this summer expect that these are the most amazing is now -- and enhancing. Already it's an -- five different then you get to -- get can't listen as well I think analyzing more. You're content normally the two pieces -- 48 dollars he's -- last -- I think he presented. Yeah. -- -- have and they. -- for the movie for the moody when your children tell us yeah. Learn how did you learn he's now the wild Kelly amazing thank everybody they are different -- all the companies providing these ideologues on Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!. This -- may already. -- --

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{"id":20610196,"title":"Deals and Steals: Kitchen Edition","duration":"3:11","description":"ABC News' Tory Johnson offers up great bargains on knives and cookware.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-kitchen-edition-20610196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}