Deals and Steals: Save Big on Valentine's Day Gifts

ABC News' Tory Johnson shares the best bargains on the perfect presents for your loved ones this Valentine's Day.
6:09 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Save Big on Valentine's Day Gifts
perfect presents for your loved ones on Valentine's day and you'll love the bargains we're talking up to 65% off. That's right, baby. You know what, loved ones are colleague, friends, not a romantic holiday. It's about love, love, love wins, right. Love is love. Love is love, baby so partnered with these companies. Foot nanny, so foot nanny. Nothing says love like foot nanny. Especially with chocolate and roses. So this rose scent foot cream actually Oprah helped choose this scent because the foot nanny Gloria Williams is Oprah's pedicurist. She combined her two best-selling cents, the chocolate and rose into a little pack for Valentine's day. This is great for anyone who is overworked and could use a foot massage. Really big deal. Normally $28, we slashed it in half 14 bucks and foot nanny is throwing in free shipping. Very cool. The only thing better than m&ms is personalized m&ms and I took the liberty to create these, if you look closely you'll see your face on one and the other one says -- Robin is a hottie. You are too kind. You are too kind. Imagine that. For ginger I made a set for ginger with Adrian's face and a little rose. There you go. A rose because we know ginger is -- you can have so much fun creating them. They're fabulous. You get a pound of m&ms and just to create words, photos, clip art, a ton of fun, $40, slashed in half, 20 bucks from m&ms. Really cute. So you're going places with these. This is the lulu dharma tote. Love the Argyle print, spashgs, roomy. Different colors. The patterns are fabulous. Great for men and women. Lightweight to begin with but durable. Which I love. Normally $119, but these are slashed big time, baby. By 65%. 42 bucks. Wow. I like that. These are beautiful. You're ready to go. You're ready to go. Matches myout fit. Very popular. Rustic cuff so they created a two-piece set, Chevron cuff. Their signature cuff but in a Chevron print and paired it with a little beaded brace let to give it a bling-bling. Five different colors to choose from. Comes with what I love, carrying case so good for either gifting, storage. Just a lot of fun, rustic cuff is such a big winner among all of our viewers. Have a fabulous following in Oklahoma. $110 for the two-piece set. This one slashed by 65%, $38. Nice. And then last but not least I got these just for you. These are fun. These you can have fun with a little pun. You can say I like what I see. Looking good. You can have a lot of fun from Adrienne Morgan. Big assortment of shades. Variety of different frames and have readers about byfocal and full lens readers. You can't go wrong with something from these normally starting at $20 all slashed in half, 10 to $21. Wow! And so you know everyone is

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"ABC News' Tory Johnson shares the best bargains on the perfect presents for your loved ones this Valentine's Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45205514","title":"Deals and Steals: Save Big on Valentine's Day Gifts","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-save-big-valentines-day-gifts-45205514"}