Deals and Steals: Special Edition of All-Time Oprah Magazine Favorites

Tory Johnson and Adam Glassman, creative director of O, have deals to celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary issue.
4:10 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Special Edition of All-Time Oprah Magazine Favorites
All right, we're back now and here is your first look, everybody, we're going to get to the "Deals & steals" but we have to show you your first look at "O" magazine's 15th anniversary issue and we are celebrating that with a very special edition of "Deals & steals" dedicated to Ms. O. All-time Oprah favorites. Tory Johnson brought a special glass. Adam glassman, creative director of "O" to tell us about these products. I want to start with harry barker. We have great stuff. Everyone knows Oprah is obsessed with her dogs. Assorted dog tough from harry barker. Eco friendly. They make the best dog bed, dog toys, treats, everything in the world and what's so good, eco friendly, really beautifully made. Really cute. But they also look beautiful in your home. Yeah. Which is what you love. Yes. Dog treats. You'll love the prices too. Talk to us. We got a big deal from harry barker. The prices are normally starting from $10 to $150 depending on what you choose. Today only slash in half to 5 to 75 bucks. Nicely done. Very good. All right. Next up, everybody, you know the truth. Love is everything. Love is everything. And anyone who follows Oprah on instagram will know she wears these peace love world t-shirts everything weekend. Feel how soft. My daughter loves these. A hybrid between a t-shirt and sweatshirt. Really Oprah's favorite thing. I love the motto. Love is everything. It's beautiful. And the deal is everything. The deal is great. Okay, today only from peace love world normally either of these two tops is 9 slashed in half, 49 plus free shipping from peace love world. Free shipping. Very cozy. Treat yourself, everybody. Really nice. All right, another favorite thing, I think haven't I seen Oprah wear these. Yes, you have and when you celebrate a 15th anniversary you do it with crystal. You have the look at these incredible readers. They come in three different strengths, and they come in 12 different colors. You can choose your birthstone much that's yours. This is my birthstone. Yes. Or your favorite color. Where am I? That may not be your strength. But, Lara, they are hand set with swarovski crystals so each one is really beautiful and lightweight and sturdy. Fun, I love the colors. Get more than one to dress up your outfit and be able to read the menu. Amazing deal from jimmy crystal so normally three different strength, 12 options, $43 today only slashed in half, $21.50. All right. I love them. A pair of jeans. Jeans which are part of everyone's staple. Question. Jeans are your staple but these from nydj. Let me tell you something -- she wore them on the cover last month. With the pony of tail. Oprah, you look 15. They have a lift tuck technology. Guaranteed to make you look -- Did you hear that, ladies. Lift tuck. You will look one size slimmer in these. 20 different styles. Multiple washes. War wallet will be bulging because you're saving money. Before we even get to that honestly they come in every size from petite to plus and everything in between. Everybody listen up. Starting at $104 slashed by 55%, so $47 to $63 and free shipping. Lift tuck. You can have one of these. Yes. Because no celebration is complete without delicious desserts, okay, you have to try these. Whoopee pies that are made in Maine. The most delicious thing. I think of them as a glamorous kind of devil dog or an alternative to a cupcake. Getting 17 in this deal, an amazing deal from wicked wheep whoopee. Slashed in half, $15 for all 17. 57% savings and five bonus deals you can only get on on Yahoo! Coming up check this out, don't check this out.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Tory Johnson and Adam Glassman, creative director of O, have deals to celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30061570","title":"Deals and Steals: Special Edition of All-Time Oprah Magazine Favorites","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-special-edition-time-oprah-winfrey-favorites-30061570"}