Deals and Steals: Summer Jewelry and Accessories

Tory Johnson shares exclusive discounts on accessories to make a statement this summer.
3:08 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Summer Jewelry and Accessories
These deals fly, as you know, so go to our website, on Yahoo! For all the promo codes and links you need to get the bargains. All right. Okay. These are from zodiac tees and tanks and just happen to have sagittarius right there. Imagine that. Big, big celebrity favorite. These are all embellished, rose gold studs, razor back or plain tee depending on your choice and a lot of different colors to mix and match, as well. Regularly big price break, slashed 70% to 2 bucks. Who is sagittarius out here? Anybody? You sagittarius. Here you go. There you go. All right. Here we go. Another favorite around here from Amelia rose, Cabo gem beautiful, beautiful earrings that come in emerald cut, round. You and I love them. So many fans here in the "Gma" studios for this brand, six new colors, as well, to choose from and a huge, huge discount on these. Normally starting from 49 to 59 depending 0 what you choose slashed by 61% at least, $19. Oh, my goodness. For any pair. I'm telling you, they are a big hit. So slight, so many different colors. Wonderful. Okay, this is actually one of Lara's favorites, Nancy makes these beautiful genuine leather bracelets with these pretty flat gold studs built in. Four different colors all in neutral to wear alone or stack with what you love, normally $65 by 63%, $24. So this is one of my favorite necklace companies. A really fun thing because you get to mix and match so there are gemstones, what weres, different charms depending on the mood from sand dollars, whales, you get to choose. Lots of different color, a teeny, teeny diamond set in there. You get to choose sterling silver. Regularly $60, slashed by 55%. $27. And one of my favorite, favorite brands. Drum roll. Lolo bags. Whey love about thiscompany. They make 80 different silhouettes and then a ton so you get the airplane, candy. You know, so many different things and there's also mesh, clear, a huge, huge variety. The entire assortment is on sole usually starting at $23, slashed 50%, 11.50 from lolo bags. I love everything they make. You got us ready for the

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{"id":24501888,"title":"Deals and Steals: Summer Jewelry and Accessories ","duration":"3:08","description":"Tory Johnson shares exclusive discounts on accessories to make a statement this summer.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-summer-jewelry-accessories-24501888","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}