Death toll rises amid Harvey devastation

The Texas National Guard is going door to door searching for survivors while the release of water to prevent dam failure has forced thousands more residents to evacuate.
4:21 | 08/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death toll rises amid Harvey devastation
So many dramatic images coming in overnight. You saw victims stuck in the aftermath of Harvey. Desperately seeking to be rescued. So many pitching in to help. That's right. The Texas National Guard sharing this rescue video overnight saving people from the flood zone live streeping as they went door to door. The coast guard so far has carried out at least 3700 rescues by both boat and air and as we've said those rescues are still continuing at this hour. FEMA is estimating as many as 450,000 disaster victims could seek help and there are at least seven known deaths right now connected to this storm in that number almost certain to climb. We have team coverage from Texas, Louisiana in the storm zone. Tom llamas starts us off. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: George, those pictures from overnight are so heartbreaking. People and families being loaded into front end loaders and to those dump trucks in the pounding rain brought over here to the convention center. This is where they're processed. You can see the Houston police department is out here in full force along with the red cross and right here this is what they call home, the problem, though, the red cross had planned for 5,000 people. That's how many cots they have. But right now they have somewhere around 9,000. So just behind me we're not going to zoom in to give people their privacy but where you see the police tape there, there are people now sleeping on the floor. It's not an ideal situation. It is far from perfect but it is dry, it is warm and more importantly it's out of the danger zone. This morning, with the death toll rising conditions growing more desperate as the search for survivors continues on the ground and in the air. The entire Texas guard activated. Now going door to door during the night. In the air, the coast guard rescuing more than 450 people including this family of five wading through the murky waters. We are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. We are still involved in the search and rescue process. Reporter: Officials now releasing millions of gallons from theaddicks reservoir but that inundating neighborhoods forcing thousands more interest their home. We had to leave stomach people behind which is really tough in these situations. Reporter: Overnight so many scrambling to safety. Packing into buses, even dump trucks. This convoy of desperation taking people away from their flooded out homes to places like this. We never experienced anything like this. Reporter: The convention center in downtown Houston, it's the largest shelter housing victims of hurricane Harvey. The red cross had planned for 5,000 people. Each one getting a cot to sleep in. But now there are more than 8,000 and that number is growing. The red cross insists they can house more but some may have to sleep on the floor. We've been out there. It's really bad. Do you think you're going to get to a point where there's not enough space for everyone. We're not going to turn people away. If it has to be someplace where we sit in chairs for a little while instead, at least we'll put a roof over people's head and get them safe. Shelters across the Houston area dozens of them are filling up. Families coming in waterlogged, hungry and still in shock. The water that I saw, it was so frightening. I've never seen that much water before. Heartbreaking. Reporter: But some need more than just a shelter. Her temperature was under 90. Yeah, so we are -- The baby? Your baby's temperature is what? Under 90. It's under 90 degrees. Reporter: The floods took northeast Houston resident jerik's Williams' home fighting to make sure it doesn't take her family. It hurts to see my baby like this and my cousins and not being able to help them. Reporter: It's so heartbreaking. We offered to help them and take them to a hospital but says she would be okay. They were going to a hotel and a warm room and, George, that is not an isolated case. There are several families here. There are a lot of babies here in the convention center but the red cross is adamant, they are not going to deny anyone. They do need a lot of things, volunteers, nurses, social workers and donations and told us yesterday this is becoming very, very expensive. George. All through the broadcast we will share ways you can help back at home.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"The Texas National Guard is going door to door searching for survivors while the release of water to prevent dam failure has forced thousands more residents to evacuate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49484793","title":"Death toll rises amid Harvey devastation ","url":"/GMA/video/death-toll-rises-amid-harvey-devastation-49484793"}