Debbie Reynolds Selling Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Dresses

George Stephanopoulos on the actress' career and collection of film memorabilia.
1:34 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Debbie Reynolds Selling Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Dresses
The very special guest. Debbie Reynolds and her spectacular collection of Hollywood keeps weaknesses celebrate key is ours then this is the biggest collection of the -- we're not -- introducing yet of course we want to give everybody -- look. These spectacular career and this collection of mine who might -- -- -- take an hour. She was America's sweetheart. Who danced her way into the hearts of millions -- just nineteen. Starring Gene Kelly in one of Hollywood's classic films singing in the rain. -- then good mom and a. Mean time the whole night and good -- -- good luck and. -- had two children with first husband Eddie Fisher most notably actor and author Carrie Fisher better known as princess slayer activated and I thought. What was the boisterous Titanic -- the unsinkable Molly Brown -- became reynolds' favorite role can now turn Oscar nomination in 1964. -- -- and. Her passion for Hollywood memorabilia started in 1970 MGM studio auction. She's collected over 3500 costumes and thousands of movie props photos and posters. This summer she auctioned off part of her collection including Marilyn Monroe's ivory dress from the seven year -- It was purchased for five point 52 million dollars the highest amount ever paid for a film cost him. And this December ground to including Monroe's evening gown from gentlemen prefer blondes.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"George Stephanopoulos on the actress' career and collection of film memorabilia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14736907","title":"Debbie Reynolds Selling Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Dresses","url":"/GMA/video/debbie-reynolds-marilyn-monroe-dresses-auction-14736907"}