Debbie Reynolds on Marilyn Monroe Dresses Going to Auction

Actress, collector discusses parting with memorabilia she's had for decades.
2:52 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debbie Reynolds on Marilyn Monroe Dresses Going to Auction
Eddie Reynolds joins us now you are some investor five point 52 million dollars I have access. And I -- didn't get it -- There's time it cannot -- -- now this is mentioned or -- It was her last movie let's make love with. And saw her little -- and was -- He's actually Tony and I don't expect this season well she had. A lovely figure. Can. This is -- proportions just right Munro is that. No but that you know now among others -- is that greatest sex symbols -- question did you Bob -- -- This is from -- this this is another and another beautiful and from my Jennifer -- And all the side panel Simon -- all of beautiful gowns designed. My different I mean then -- certainly. And have such good she. Yes well I kept them you know I've got kept them all in storage for forty some years. I -- keep things along you have had incredible why haven't you get started hot. I have a lot of movies subtle -- a film and I started when they had the MGM auction I couldn't stand that there is. Giving these things away practically giving them away you know. And I said -- to be safe from museum so I want a museum for the public. But I wasn't even though really realize my. Dream side. Kinda gone auction services now Ryan is on the second one in December and this is a beautiful piece to its December 3 Al and it's going to be at the paley center and the LA in -- cents a and this is bus stop. The famous. Film that Maryland at a Christmas two. -- A boost DAX with their cute little moves in -- that this case is saying. Not only black man and -- hasn't opponents. And have a home left mounds and let them do Kelly's -- and then you have a wife to. Okay okay sorry your client is -- -- -- vastly that's true isn't that wonderful is currently is so -- glad somebody good gets enough to. -- -- -- They can't they -- that Darnell has indicated. I -- didn't happen -- -- again Falwell. Did just that you can get this ball this should bring all I don't know I -- -- -- This is supposed to bring about a half a million. Wow. -- 200000 each moved. Something in the middle I guess. It depends what you wouldn't Louis puts your value about. And it's hard you want the most.

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{"id":14737251,"title":"Debbie Reynolds on Marilyn Monroe Dresses Going to Auction","duration":"2:52","description":"Actress, collector discusses parting with memorabilia she's had for decades.","url":"/GMA/video/debbie-reynolds-sell-marilyn-monroe-dresses-14737251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}