Debra Messing Teams With Adopt-a-Classroom

Actress discusses working with students with the help of the maker of Post-It notes.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debra Messing Teams With Adopt-a-Classroom
radiant redhead from her emmy-award-winning run on "will and grace." Now she's on "smash." Please welcome, the gorgeous debra messing. hello. How are you? Mwah. Incredible. how great? Thank you. You get that all the time, don't you? No, but you can come over any time, as long as you do that. That's the great thing about the show. It's a feel-good kind of place. The best audience in town. So happy to see you. Good to see you. We want to get to tv. I love what you're doing with post-it. You've partnered up with them for a cause near and dear to your heart as a mom. Tell us about it. They have this great initiative. It's called your words stick with them. And basically, it's been developed to suppoost important words. And with all the stories about bullying. How nice for children, to get that pick-me-up. I get up's 3:30 in the morning, I write notes on the counter. It's helping a classroom. The beneficiary is adoptaclassroom.Org. 1 billion was paid out of pocket by teachers for school supplies last year. It's horrifying. Here's this wonderful charity that will adopt a classroom and the teachers just have to go online and say this is what i need to teach your children, and they get it free. I have to get involved this that. Do you leave notes with roman? I have been doing it for years. Now he's at the point where he's like, okay, mom. There's a post-it -- I leave it, you know, I call them love notes. I put them on the mirror in the refridge rater. We have one on the refrigerate ir that's been there seven months, literally. You don't have to kiss them on the lips in front of everybody. Leave a note. I know, he's cute. As mothers, we want to make out with them. It's true we want to make out with our kids. Thank you. There's nothing wrong with it sflp there is. We know you're a fix of one of our favorite games. Thank you for agrees to play. It's a little scary, isn't it? Say it with me, two truths and a lie. All: Two truths and a lie. Here's how we play this game. Debra will tell three things about herself. Two are true, one is a lie. We don't know what the lie is. Nope. As well as know her, she's pi stuff we don't no. So go and we'll see what they are. You'll vote on what you think the lie is. Okay. And we want to hear about the stories. If your best dramatic moments, hit it. Here's number one. I'm from texas and worked for years with dialect coach to lose my thick southern drawl. I'm not sure. I'll do anything for my job, including having my hair bleached 13 times in one day. Ooh. I'm obsessed with jewelry. I never leave the house without it. One day I dream of creating my own line. Oh. I can believe that. Oh. These are good. Audience? Let's go over them. Sick southern accept. Bleached hair 2313 times in one day. Jewelry line. To have her own jewelry line. Which one do you think is the lie? All: Hair. Hair. Hair. First thing I heard was hear. They do not believe you bleached your hair 13 times in one day. Too much? I think that the lie is the southern accent. Lara says -- thank you. Thank you. playing the role of josh, I'm going with -- I don't think i don't think there's a thick southern accent. You're an actress. You do accents great, you know what I mean. What is it? He lie is I'm not from texas. Whoa. 13 times is true. It's true. Do we have time for that story. Who did that to you? It was my first movie, "a walk in the clouds" with keanu reeves. They wanted to make me a redhead. They didn't want to spend money to go to a salon. I was in a motel 6 in napa valley. This woman came in, put bleach on my head. It was darker here, lighter, it switches and switches, and switches, switched, switched, switched. And then it fell out. Yeah. Did it after the film? It was like corn stalk. We couldn't get a comb through it. Say good-bye to our friend, debra. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Actress discusses working with students with the help of the maker of Post-It notes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17059167","title":"Debra Messing Teams With Adopt-a-Classroom","url":"/GMA/video/debra-messing-teams-adopt-classroom-17059167"}