Do-It-Yourself Decorating With Mary McDonald

The luxury designer shows you how using paint in creative ways can liven up your home.
3:00 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Do-It-Yourself Decorating With Mary McDonald
Here comes lara spencer. "It's time for "improve this." We do lots of diys. And we have one of my favorite people. mary McDonald. If you're doing this, that means the best homes and best apartments are doing this. Let's find out about it. A lot of people ask me for design advice. This is who I turn to. mary McDonald has a wonderful book out. Incredibly luxurious. There are things you can do simply in your own home that can give you that look. One of your tricks, I've noticed, has always been with paint. We wanted to show you how to improve this. We start with a wall. It makes a one of a kind statement on one wall. Can you explain what this is and how you did it? This is a silhouette technique. You can use any picture you want. I happened to buy this on photoshop.Com. We created a larger version of that. How did you do that? I blew it up. You can use kinko's. You cut it out, trace it and paint it. What I did here that makes it modern and fresh and young. The background color is a dark color. And the silhouette is white. They're two, great colors. I love the two together. It looks summary. And beachy. We've taken stencils into a modern way. Depends on how you use it. Once you conquer a wall, it's easier to do something that's more substantial. Mary uses antiques. What's your feeling about antiques versus painted furniture. Actually, it's easy to paint a piece of furniture that's a piece of junk you have. And there's two fun techniques. This is painting the inside red. It's a fun way to take a brown piece of furniture. The inside of the drawers are green. AND THIS IS mary McDonald look. That's a chevron stripe on a floor. I know you do patterns. But what's the t to achieve this look? I did something simple. It's a zigzag. We cut out a stencil. And I pulled in the colors to tie in with the wall. To make it easier, you want to choose straight lines. Things not super complicated. I do complicated ones. But this is a simple way to get impact. You can go online. If you look at painted floor, you can get instructions. All you need is great paint. Tell people the paint you liked to use. I use valspar. Do you like ait a lot. I use flat paint and do a water sealer over it. If you seal it, this will last, right? I do some of the biggest homes in america. And I like it when the paint gets a little worn. That's another look. mary McDonald. Check out the look. That's the room that made me fall in love. That's the room in her book. Everybody see more of her tips on how to change a room with just a little paint, patterns, incredible. Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Thank you. Lovely. Bravo, your new show. "Property envy." We'll be right back, everybody, with "good morning

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{"id":19758263,"title":"Do-It-Yourself Decorating With Mary McDonald","duration":"3:00","description":"The luxury designer shows you how using paint in creative ways can liven up your home.","url":"/GMA/video/decorating-mary-mcdonald-19758263","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}