Oscar Pistorius Takes the Stand

Defense asks Pistorius to remove prosthetics.
2:39 | 04/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius Takes the Stand
The story's taking a stand for the second day on trial for the murder of girlfriend -- -- camp and hasn't had gotten as a courthouse in Pretoria South Africa good morning Matt. That's right George Oscar the stories describing -- heartbreaking did -- detail the night he killed the woman he said. He wanted to spend his life -- eventually -- on the witness stand but earlier taking off the prosthetic legs that made him famous guests in the court. As he walked around on his -- trying to prove how vulnerable he may have felt that night. It was just goofy stories his first public description of the tragedy that this. The immigrants who -- -- that I mean it's almost hoped that I needed to. Particularly even on the -- nearly pitch black if the curtains are drawn. You can't see anything in -- -- the story said he'd always worried about trouble but from the outside from intruders if something happened it appears that would be able to. Come into the picture that the -- would be blocked the stories denied the prosecution charged that. Months earlier he fired out of the window the friend's car after being stopped by police. But admitted to accidentally discharging the same friends handgun. In a busy restaurant. Earlier the defense had these stories read dozens of messages between human -- in the days before the shooting. Exposing the most intimate details of a three month long relationships it's this kiss kiss means that -- often love. Sometimes mundane the -- special office. She sent in sexy self -- he called her my and so. Sometimes she made him sound menacing and angry and scared of you sometimes and -- use that could mean breaking down as he read. On the go to -- found in love with you. -- wanted to tell you this week the goal to undercut the prosecution's assertions that trouble was brewing for South Africa's most celebrated couple. It was a far more reserved his story is that on Monday when a man crippled by guilt first took the stand. -- -- -- Good thing in the -- roof and into the smoke quotes you newfound. Describing he's descent into terror and paranoia but opponents of this you don't want to hand the phone because -- sort of good. The security guard that -- -- Obama -- food months. Now you may have noticed that the defense was asking the stories the questions but that he answered directly and intimately to the judge herself -- looking back at him intently scribbling notes though he had wept in court burying his face in his hands crumbling on the witness stand. And we saw him walk out of the court his eyes were red -- -- He almost looked dazed and he has to do it all again tomorrow answering even more difficult questions.

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{"id":23245724,"title":"Oscar Pistorius Takes the Stand","duration":"2:39","description":"Defense asks Pistorius to remove prosthetics.","url":"/GMA/video/defense-asks-pistorius-remove-prosthetics-23245724","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}