Demi Lovato Readies Herself for World Tour

The singer talks about her latest tour featuring Christina Perri and MKTO.
3:11 | 08/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Lovato Readies Herself for World Tour
So great to have multiplatinum selling pop superstar demi Lovato with us. What a day. Hello. Somehow managed to escape -- I did. You involved in my eyes bucket. I may have done that to you. Yeah, just a little bit, sorry. You know what, all for a good cause. Yes, thank you. Hey, great to see you. Of course, joined us here in concert in June on the heels of her sold out neon lights tour. Now demi is about to head out on the road again on a world tour. You leave me breathless. How do you do it? You just -- I stay focused and I'm really excited to go back out on the road. Performing makes me so happy and it's really exhilarating so when I'm out on stage I just want to be out there right now so I'm excited to go back out. We're excited to make a special announce many. Happy to say that we'll be joining you. Yay. At the beginning of your tour so what can we expect. What you can expect, I have Christina Perry and mtko opening for me on this tour. I have found Becky gee will do show, as well. That is exciting. It is. You examine expect music from all my albums and I plan on doing some really cool surprise things and I want to change the show up a bit so it's going to be really exciting. We'll be there. "Good morning America" will be there with you so thank you so much for letting us join along. Want to talk to you about one thing. I hope you don't change. I love that sometimes in your shows you pull up a stool and start talking to the audience about real-life things you've dealt with. Why do you do that and engage not own will I in song but conversation. It's important to engage in conversation because whenever I go to a concert and I don't hear the artist talk to the audience or if everything is too contrived and choreographed, I feel like I'm not connecting with the artist so whenever I go I like to take a second to either talk about something that I'm passionate about or also just say, hey, what's up. Like I'm here to hang out with you guys. I love this too. Just voted by "Cosmopolitan" for Latinas as the fun, fearless Latina of the year. How did that feel? It felt amazing. It felt really great. Congratulationses. Thank you. How do you like Florida Georgia line. They're awesome. I love country music too. I'm from Texas so the southern girl in me is like so excited. From Texas, social media. 23 million. Yes. Twitter followers. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How do you -- how do you connect with them on Twitter? I mean people can say anything. Are you in there writing it yourself? Yeah, absolutely and sometimes my fans will even write things and then I'll see it and tell them in person and they're like, wait, you saw that. Yeah, I see Twitter. I'm on it. Is that a bay for you to actually hear what they want, what's working, what's not and do you use it as a game for yourself? Definitely for sure and also, you know, I try to stay like in contact with them and make sure that they know like say if I can't get down outside because there's so many people I can't sign or take pictures with everybody then I'll -- You'll write a note. Or least I try to. If you tweet demi Lovato, that's her tweeting you back. Excuse me. God bless you. Everybody, demi is going to

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{"id":24994365,"title":"Demi Lovato Readies Herself for World Tour","duration":"3:11","description":"The singer talks about her latest tour featuring Christina Perri and MKTO.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-lovato-readies-world-tour-24994365","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}