Was Demi Smoking 'Incense?'

Paula Faris on the 911 call placed before the star was rushed to the hospital.
2:27 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Was Demi Smoking 'Incense?'
There are new revelations this morning about the Demi -- health scare the 911 calls are telling us a lot more about what she may have been smoking before the collapse. And you can hear the fear in the voices of her friends and families they reached out for emergency help. ABC's Paula Ferris has the details. The nine -- one -- lasted just ten minutes but offers startling insight into the actress' recent health scare. And exactly what happened okay -- smoke that is something it cannot marijuana but it is similar to -- -- it doesn't. And he's going to -- having the goaltender and arts. More allegedly hosting a party collapses. I don't -- an American Olympic matters to wrap up. -- he had surgery at Beverly Hills yet -- -- that's -- -- Real just believed to be rumor Willis Denise 23 year old daughter. When you need an ambulance here and you can't yet say to that question how old is she -- -- -- me. 49. There right now she'll wait yet -- -- come -- -- and barely but this accidental or intentional. Well it was cheap drugs something you know it was -- that reacts to a doctor Arnold. TMC reported more inhaled nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas or -- it's the kinds of substances were talking right here argues alone but it's K two spice -- -- pot. Alcohol Psycho stimulants they all kind of go together. And seizure is not an uncommon outcome all of this comes on the heels of her divorce from -- could -- after which she was seen looking alarmingly gaunt. What it should take compartment. I think LNG looks good thing I -- accurately the united Kmart can't actually earning top issue that a response do you think you. Yet it -- hand picked airliner. Your speed don't give or anything to incorporate. A cabaret succession of compromise that paramedics yet but -- -- -- -- holding her down. You ought to all the -- -- -- to -- what they'll put any that are. Melt all polar down on the patriarch and I had to guide whatever she actually you have it -- a paramedic OK she's done desist order I. I don't know there's and -- step. Recently that brought -- I -- now. Just as paramedics arrive. Morse condition seems to have stabilized. She seemed to calm down alternate. Speaking. Moore was rushed to the hospital where she stayed for two nights. For Good Morning America I'm Paula -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":15470436,"title":"Was Demi Smoking 'Incense?'","duration":"2:27","description":"Paula Faris on the 911 call placed before the star was rushed to the hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moore-911-call-smoking-incense-15470436","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}