Demi Moore Health Scare: Actress Leaving Hospital

Addiction expert Kristina Wandzilak discusses the star's recent health scare.
3:18 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Moore Health Scare: Actress Leaving Hospital
Remember our friend casino -- a lack founder of full circle intervention and an expert advisor for the discovery fit -- -- show addicted. Good morning Christina Boyd thanks for joining us again. We saw -- -- report these reports said. -- may have been using these -- it's like nitrous oxide also some reports may be using prescription drugs as well none of these have been confirmed yet but we do know. She was treated for drug and alcohol abuse back in the 1980s. And did this there -- will all this public divorce that this might have been a very -- High risk time for her. Absolutely it's stress. Is always a high risk time for those of us and recovery from addiction. And actually when the bodies under and amounts and on a stress it's actually when we are at least capable of accessing our executive coping skills. Which is why it's such high risk time for relapse and why it's so important that route -- that are in recovery are surrounded always by helping support. So that under times like this we can access some you know coping skills that allow us to stay sober. And of course one of the things that sets her apart because she's such a high profile. Celebrity we also saw Heather Locklear recently also trapped in this kind of a spiral how does that intensify. The trouble they face. I think being in the public guys always ended and it intensifies everything all the emotions that they're going through and the truth is behind the celebrity -- a woman that some a lot of pain she's going through grief and loss and those are difficult things just on their own and then out in the public they're just intensified and you know -- hawk there held to a different standard than just the regular. Person that's going through this process so it's painful -- painful process for her I know you were struck as well buy something to me recently said in Harper's bazaar -- read the quote quote get you respond. Here's -- -- said she would say I would say that what scares me. Is that I'm going to ultimately find out the end of my life that I'm really not lovable. They're not worthy of being loved that there's something fundamentally wrong with me. Why when I heard when I read this quote it actually took my breath away both as a professional and -- -- recovering person because it. Speaks to the hallmark of addiction which -- shame. And shame -- the -- it's the psychological propellant for all addictive an abusive behaviors and changes the feeling her the idea -- the belief. But I'm not okay just the way that I am and that if you really knew me if you really saw me. That she wouldn't love me and it is the haunting of because every it is the universal -- of the -- mind and spirit and I have watched. Really amazing and talented individuals. Let's try to escape into the gates of insanity and death. Yet it is so important for anyone in recovery to be surrounded by people. Who love them we know that the news daughter is still. By her side -- that that is so important to it but you -- this coping mechanism. To have healthy support around us is it's imperative for long term recovery to be honest and families you know this is what I know about addiction that it is. It is a family disorder affects everybody in the -- a system her children included so for all of them to be in some sort of recovery process for the long term is going to be so important. -- Christine thanks very much for your insight.

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{"id":15455301,"title":"Demi Moore Health Scare: Actress Leaving Hospital","duration":"3:18","description":"Addiction expert Kristina Wandzilak discusses the star's recent health scare.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moore-health-scare-actress-leaving-hospital-15455301","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}