Demi Moore: Did Rehab Take Its Toll on Star?

Recent photos of Moore counter claims by friends that the star is doing well.
2:15 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Moore: Did Rehab Take Its Toll on Star?
Demi Moore is out of rehab back home in Los Angeles and close -- report that she's doing well. The recent photos suggest her latest troubles have taken a tall. ABC's -- affairs brings us that and more on Denise recovery. All -- Iran to -- more. Fresh off a relaxing vacation which followed a month long stints in rehab. New pictures reveal -- and smiling but still very thin more. Arriving home in LA. To me more isn't a much better place she feels content and happy. But of course recovery takes a long time and she's got -- waited out. According to new details in People Magazine those closest to where sees signs of improvement. And say she's in a much better place than when she was rushed to the hospital six weeks ago when -- -- -- Get off the plane she looked happy she looked refreshed. She looks like she's been working on -- -- She's a talented actor she's a wonderful mother and people want her to succeed you know they they really really do. But the road to recovery may still be Obama -- especially now that Ashton Kutcher appears to be very publicly movie -- Tweeting this new -- bring gal pal screenwriter little brains of aria. -- couture has been shall we need support for more people mag says he even visited her in rehab. He still trying to keep a close relationship with -- daughter rumor sources -- the magazine he showed up to supporter at a recent LA club performance. He was so supportive all night he was snapping pictures of her and at the end of the day they chatter really emotional embrace. Morse troubles may be having an impact on her 23 year old daughter. These new photos revealing thinner gaunt looking rumor who was home Wendy's -- 911 call was placed in January. And exactly what happened next okay -- -- that it's something it cannot marijuana as credit. Similar -- that it can look at it can't and -- to -- having goaltender of them aren't. Moore was immediately hospitalized and then checked into a treatment facility. We sometimes forget that celebrities and other notoriety with all their money with all the things that they have can. The in this much pain as any of the rest of us for Good Morning America -- -- ABC news New York.

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{"id":15875553,"title":"Demi Moore: Did Rehab Take Its Toll on Star?","duration":"2:15","description":"Recent photos of Moore counter claims by friends that the star is doing well.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moore-rehab-toll-star-15875553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}