Demi Moore Reportedly Heading to Rehab

There are still unanswered questions about the star's health crisis.
2:22 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Moore Reportedly Heading to Rehab
-- and anymore she's reportedly out of the hospital now headed to rehab. But there are still plenty of questions about her health crisis summit could be as who would like 911 calls released later today. -- -- Andrea canning has been covering on this for us and she joins us good morning after. Good morning Georgia alone we are going to hear that emergency 911 call that was made the night in a breakdown in just a few hours. Worst team is still claiming exhaustion but rumors are running wild citing everything from -- -- to anorexia. As the cause of her hospitalization. New details are also emerging about her final moments before the paramedics were -- Demi Moore is reportedly out of the hospital and headed to rehab ABC news has learned the 911 call made Monday night will be released today. But -- the patient privacy the LA city attorney tells ABC news quote. A very specific but limited section of the call will be -- The portions related to -- medical history and information about any drug she may have taken will be cut out. Rumors of abusing prescription drugs importantly at -- wrong treatment for 88 students sometimes used as an appetite suppressing. -- sick with worry about her prescription drug use. Still new details about the moments leading up to the breakdown are emerging. Sniffing inhalants have since you need to be -- TMZ reports more had been inhaling nitrous oxide with bits or laughing gas before suffering a seizure. OK I full size -- -- One -- was still in the hospital her -- Ashton Kutcher was seen leaving a nightclub in Brazil with a tall blonde 6000 miles away. People Magazine reporting could -- is deeply concerned but also moving on. -- -- I was a month. Meanwhile Moore's daughter rumor had little to say when confronted by photographers. She has been by her mother's side from the beginning. And Ashton Kutcher is on his way back to LA from Brazil no word on whether he plans to visit with more that he will be back on the -- of two -- half men. After a week of some pretty heavy partying. -- interest thanks very much.

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{"id":15455264,"title":"Demi Moore Reportedly Heading to Rehab ","duration":"2:22","description":"There are still unanswered questions about the star's health crisis.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moore-reportedly-leaving-hospital-heading-rehab-15455264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}