Demi Moore's Dramatic 911 Tapes

New tapes reveal what happened during stars medical emergency.
3:13 | 01/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Moore's Dramatic 911 Tapes
-- startling call for help from friends of Demi Moore and what it reveals about her medical emergency this week at her Beverly Hills mansion. Now -- the tape of the 911 call has been released there -- questions about what the troubled star was dealing with her oldest daughter and her friends. -- -- -- Barrett to scientists from more good morning on good morning I'm pretty harrowing moment does seem to place -- well asset her daughter there -- -- scene. During the chaotic ten minute call several friends or reform passed around the phone frantically -- for an ambulance but -- wanting to have a real handle on the situation. -- -- war apparently has difficulty breathing cannot speak and is suffering convulsions. -- -- You don't want to normal -- a more that eighteen number eight between that is burning up -- -- what is. All -- compartment. I think -- looks good thing I did really being out I'm having them hit completely another step I don't know what cheap and not. The emergency call came Monday night after more hosted a party at her home. Where TMZ reports she inhaled nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas or with bits. In the call her friends say she then smoked a different unidentified substance. If she'd smoke that is something it's not marijuana -- -- is similar to the public and camps. And changing I think I think -- The kinds of substances -- talking right here aren't used alone but it's K two spice nitrous pot alcohol -- stimulants they all kind of go together. And seizure is not an uncommon outcome. At the beginning of the -- you here. There are -- American -- is that -- A tonic he -- -- Beverly Hills yet -- -- -- that in front. -- may be rumor Willis. -- 23 year old daughter which could place her -- the scene and as TMZ is reporting perhaps even partying with her 49 year old mother. We're saying to -- more break down in front of our very eyes and that we -- that -- -- parting with her daughters -- are much much younger. There are reports that to -- was doing what -- and it's a drug that teenagers typically use. She's not just behaving like a woman in her thirties -- in her twenties -- actually behaving like a teenager. All of this comes on the heels of the collapse of more his six year marriage to -- inputs are. Who just returned to LA from Brazil where he was shooting a commercial. And hitting the nightclubs. In the current issue of Harper's -- more shares her post break up fears. What scares me is that I'm going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I am not lovable. By the end of the roughly ten minute call the ambulance -- and more seems to be recovering. Yes it's been -- remarkable thing and she's going to -- you -- very caught. Cheer me up in -- -- in court. Now her -- saying war was hospitalized for exhaustion but doctors tell us people -- will not admit a patient was exhausted. That is not a medical diagnosis now because of her condition -- pulled out of filming the upcoming movie Lovelace she was set to play the feminist icon Gloria Steinem. It now appears Sarah Jessica Parker will replace more and that --

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{"id":15462921,"title":"Demi Moore's Dramatic 911 Tapes","duration":"3:13","description":"New tapes reveal what happened during stars medical emergency.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moores-dramatic-911-tapes-15462921","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}