Drunk Delegates Get DNC Off to Sloppy Start

One of two intoxicated California delegates told hotel staff he was a congressman.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drunk Delegates Get DNC Off to Sloppy Start
Things off to a shaky start with two allegedly drunken delegates. It's "your voice, your vote." Cecilia vega joins us. Reporter: The party has not started here. The california delegation, they may be nursing a bit of a hangover this morning. Two california delegates partied into the wee hours of sunday morning. In the lobby of their charlotte hotel, one was so drunk he apparently passed out and was taken to the hospital. The other, alleged by belligerent with the staff. He falsely told police he was a congressman. It was witnessed by a "los angeles times" reporter. He was very belidge represent. He began slurring words. They called the police. They asked him for identification. He refused. Reporter: California democratic party officials asked the man to leave the convention. Today, he's out. The other, released from the hospital and allowed to stay. A spokesman for the delegation says, the delegate has apologized to the hotel staff and agreed to leave the hotel. Tomorrow, the real party begins. All week, democrats will roll out some of the biggest names in politics and hollywood. Michelle obama, bill clinton, the president himself, to superstars like mary j. Blige, eva longoria. We're not divided. Reporter: President's top strategists making the rounds of sunday's talk shows. Their campaign is built on a tripod of lies. A welfare take that is untrue. The suggestion that we're raiding medicare, absolutely untrue. Reporter: As the democrats r56r7 up for their prime time moment, many are bashing last week's convention. He said it was a mistake to end the war in iraq and bring our warriors home. Reporter: And it's chatter over one of the most memorable moments of the convention goes on the. That conversation between clint eastwood and the empty chair representing president obama with the president saying yesterday, he's still a huge clint eastwood fan. It's been dubbed the clipt moment. Thank you, cecilia vega. For more, we go to jake tapper

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"One of two intoxicated California delegates told hotel staff he was a congressman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17141038","title":"Drunk Delegates Get DNC Off to Sloppy Start","url":"/GMA/video/democrat-national-convention-2012-drunk-delegates-dnc-off-17141038"}