Dennis Rodman Plans New North Korean Trip

Flamboyant basketball star hopes Kim Jong-Un will release American prisoner.
3:00 | 05/12/13

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Transcript for Dennis Rodman Plans New North Korean Trip
Basketball hall of Famer turned unlikely diplomat of sorts Dennis Rodman the flamboyant former NBA star is planning a second visit to North Korea. This time he's hoping his new friend -- 29 year old Communist dictator who rules a country with an iron fist full free an American jailed there. ABCs -- nine and has details from Washington good morning arena. I may be -- -- good morning to you flamboyant -- your right Dennis Rodman he sure doesn't disappoint when it comes to being provocative and this time. He -- harsh words for President Obama as he planned some freelance diplomacy. For potential August trip to North Korea. He's glad. You have Oklahoma produced. Harsh words for President Obama -- this brand on TMZ dot com -- former NBA star Dennis Rodman will vented about the president's foreign policy. What -- Korean leader Kim John Allen. We don't like what they believe -- plus. Rodman who -- of the Communist nation in 2013. Says he's planning a return trip in August. This time Rodman says he's on a mission a mission he feels President Obama can't get -- -- -- I don't know why didn't do it subdued Edwards. And Rodman hoping to bring home 44 year old Korean American -- today. Recently sentenced to fifteen years hard labor in North Korea after being accused of smuggling antigovernment propaganda into the country. This coming -- -- problem because I think you have they did. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After Rodman's 2013. -- the basketball star turned international man of diplomacy through heavy controversy for -- public praise of Kim Jong-un during this interview with George Stephanopoulos. He's a great guy -- a great guy now Rodman is reaching out on via Twitter asking the man he calls a friend to quote. Dubious solid and cut candidate loose -- and even gives credit to -- another solid dialing down recent tensions on the Korean Peninsula. -- what companies can't do what they digital -- back. Beijing viewed. A US official tells me they are calling for the north Koreans to grant -- amnesty they're also in touch with his family again. That we did some research on Google this morning I think this is the first time do me a salad has been used in American diplomacy since the founding of the -- -- Reena thank you. For more let's bring in ABC's Martha Raddatz are -- global affairs correspondent who's sitting in for George Stephanopoulos. On this week Martha good morning to you I wonder what are -- resources in the White House and America's national security apparatus think about Rodman's. Diplomacy. Well a lot of new diplomatic phrases we've heard never been heard before. But last time he went over there as soon as he got back Kim -- -- Threatened to launch those missiles we had a diplomatic crisis for months so I don't think Dennis Rodman did much good last time. Of course everybody is hoping that the American is released -- Dennis Rodman can do something towards that and that's great but nobody's counting on it. Be judged on his results now league switch topics as the controversy over that attack on the American -- and thank -- he gets more intense this week what's the potential fallout -- Hillary Clinton the former secretary of state who may run for president -- -- -- sixteen. You know that so far away but it will certainly be something that people will look at it may be far away 2016 but this. Could very likely follow her into a presidential race if she decides to run. Especially those emails that were altered. No one is saying Hillary Clinton altered those emails -- took out references to al-Qaeda but where they're gonna -- about. It is made -- her for months perhaps longer Martha Raddatz thank you Martha got a big show this morning senators John McCain -- Jack -- will debate Ben -- that's later this morning. Martha -- for George Stephanopoulos. On this week.

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{"id":19161918,"title":"Dennis Rodman Plans New North Korean Trip","duration":"3:00","description":"Flamboyant basketball star hopes Kim Jong-Un will release American prisoner.","url":"/GMA/video/dennis-rodman-plans-north-korean-trip-19161918","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}