Woman Fired For Being Too Attractive

Dental assistant claims her boss asked her to leave her job because he found her irresistible.
5:10 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Woman Fired For Being Too Attractive
First this story. The dentist who fired his long-time assistant because he says she was too attractive. She's had a spotless employment record, she had no romantic interest many himin him at all. But the judges backed the boss. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, lara. You remember the song I'm too sexy? Apparently, it's too sexy for your job. Parentally, you can can a person for being ir resistibly attractive. Imagine being fired because you're just too sexy. That's what 32-year-old melissa nelson said happened to her. After working for a den tis for ten years, he fired her because she said she was a threat to his marriage. I'm devastated. I really am. Reporter: She says she was shocked when her 53-year-old boss said he was afraid he might start an affair with her. On friday, the all-male iowa supreme court ruled that employers can give an employee their walking papers if they believe there is an irresistible attraction. After work something many years side by side, I had no idea that that would have crossed his mind. Reporter: Both knight and else in reason married with children. She said she looked at her employer as a father figure, until the last few months of her employment saying her clothing were too tight. He spoke of her sex life by saying, that's like having a lamborghini in the drive way and never driving it. I think the woman in iowa should probably start to go to work in burqas afraid that their bosses might find them attractive and terminate them. Reporter: Knight's lawyer said she was not terminated because of her gender but in the best interest of the dentist's marriage. This is not the first time an employee was fired because she was too hot. The worst feeling was knowing that h.R. Was not there to help me. But to help citibank. Reporter: They insist she was terminated for poor job performance. Nelson said knight's wife discovered texts between nelson and knight. Nelson said the texts were innocent but the dentist's wife demanded she be fired. It's sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the workforce. Reporter: Knight says nelson's clothing was too tight. She says, she simply wore scrubs. He says the decision to fire her resulted from advice from his pastor. Now we're joined by sunny hostin. What do you make of this? I'm horrified. I'm horrified when I take my lawyer hat off and put my woman hat on. I believe she was sexually harassed and discriminated against. Had she been male assistant, would she still have a job? Of course. A big part of this problem, her attorney says, the supreme court in iowa was all males. Yeah, I agree with that. Think that's why we have diversity and need it on the benches and in our courtrooms. If there had been a woman on that seven-judge panel, I would think that a woman would say, hey, wait a minute. This smells like discrimination to me. And we want our judges to bring their experiences to the table and to the courtroom. That just didn't happen here. If this is unfair, why is her attorney not appealing? I don't think her attorney can get anywhere outside of iowa. This was treme court of iowa. That makes it so crazy and scary. There's nowhere to go. Would you appeal? I sure would. But I'm such a scrappy firgt, right? I would. I think this sets the tone. Are we in madmen-ville again? Women can't be attractive and work? We need to send the message this cannot be tolerated anymore. You're an at-will employee. You can be terminated for no reason or any reason at all, but it can't be a discriminatory reason. I believe the court got it wrong. Is this discrimination? We know there is age, gender, race? This is new territory. According to the dentist, he fired her to save his marriage. It's so ridiculous. She was a wonderful employee, by all continues, by his account. He fired her because he found her too attractive. Where are we? I hear you. Where are we, sunny? Sam, some weather, please? We can.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Dental assistant claims her boss asked her to leave her job because he found her irresistible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18054451","title":"Woman Fired For Being Too Attractive","url":"/GMA/video/dental-assistant-claims-boss-found-irresistible-woman-fired-18054451"}