Dental Patients Seek Answers After HIV, Hepatitis Scare

Tulsa, Oklahoma dentist stands accused of unsanitary practices.
2:35 | 03/30/13

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Transcript for Dental Patients Seek Answers After HIV, Hepatitis Scare
Turn now to the health scare causing a -- -- by thousands of anxious dental patients. They may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis by -- -- using unsanitary instruments his office now being called a perfect storm for infections. ABC news chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- is here with the latest and so many frightened patients out there this morning they are. Frightened -- one of his patients has already tested positive for hepatitis C. The patient had no weather risk factors other than receiving dental treatment in this office and that's what prompted the investigation. This morning more than 7000 patients of this man who Oklahoma dentist doctor Scott -- a receiving this letter. Urging them to get screened for hepatitis C hepatitis B and HIV. Police Friday are ABC affiliate KN XV captured video of remaining answering the door and a vacation home believed to be owned by Harrington. He -- behind -- reporter and then slammed the door -- kids who's been practicing for over thirty years. Could face criminal charges after allegedly exposing his -- to the deadly viruses by using instruments that were improperly sterilized. His patients are devastated. My worry now and is. Are my health issues that me develop. How -- can I -- my life. It into -- positive. A seventeen count complaint against Harrington accuses him of being a menace to the public health we were just physically can't -- the instruments that -- -- -- clay. Horrible I wouldn't let my -- he's playing with a mountain and art mean they were horrible among the alleged violations. Multiple sterilization issues and multiple cross contamination issues. Investigators even -- two separate sets of instruments one set for patients known to have infectious disease. And another set for persons not believed to have infectious disease. And -- ought enclave the machine designed to sterilize dental instruments which is supposed to be tested monthly he hadn't been checked in six years. If someone goes into a -- office and they don't -- barriers they don't see bags they don't see clean what should they do performances. No calls to doctor Harrington lawyer have gone unanswered and no one is -- answering at his home either. This morning the Health Department is offering free testing to anyone who receive treatment by doctor Harrington. And it's so important to get tested because these infections can be totally silent for years before anyone would -- would develop symptoms. When you are talking this morning about how important is that agency -- -- opening fresh back as an instrument it's very reassuring thing that's right that we know they've been sterilized. Doctor -- thank you.

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{"id":18845681,"title":"Dental Patients Seek Answers After HIV, Hepatitis Scare","duration":"2:35","description":"Tulsa, Oklahoma dentist stands accused of unsanitary practices.","url":"/GMA/video/dental-patients-seek-answers-hiv-hepatitis-scare-18845681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}