Who Are 'The Descendants?'

ABC's Abbie Boudreau sits down with the cast of best-picture nominee.
5:18 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Who Are 'The Descendants?'
The defense is a leading candidate for best picture thanks is bittersweet story line pitch perfect cast. Including best actor nominee George Clooney and when ABC's adding the dress up and down with a sentence -- in LA. She discovered have a superstar always finds a way to be at the center of the action. Even when George Clooney can't physically be with his descendants cast mates. Yeah -- most unique way of making his presence felt. -- this sort of like the and the reunion. Minus one -- -- -- -- -- gives your considerably. And may -- he takes her and marriage in its. What I love them to still be furious and it went into the picture and a -- -- This is admitted right now in America George -- everything you wanted to be the guy who's been tested. Critics seem to agree with that assessment. He's been nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Matt King the patriarch of a troubled American family who must grapple with life and death decisions. While trying to manage being a parent to two adolescent girls. The understanding. Things was we do your act together and doing really well actually in the person's eyes -- But getting noticed has not been a problem in real life for she -- Woodley. Who plays rebellious daughter Alexandra. And George Clooney was recently on GM and he had some very nice things to say about -- -- -- -- She's the adult on the set she was the grown up there's times when you when you work with someone particularly in the beginning -- career. We recognize that this is going to be actually a career not just a job. I just admire him so much and so grateful. My god directs the conduct that makes guys ten year old Laura Miller stars as the youngest -- -- Paid attention to that guy has had no heat. The descendants her very first movie role I am. -- you tell me before me. -- you -- big George Clooney fan. At the start off with and I -- judgment and lives. -- -- -- -- -- He had no idea here -- here about two work but one of the biggest stars in the world now after the onset my mom told -- outside. -- -- -- Slightest photographers and -- -- -- -- one of the guys to paint himself Green. Let's flower pot on is -- in the bush taking pictures. Wiped out -- lots. Now lets me yeah. He needed actors Judy Greer takes a serious turn as -- vsphere whose husband she suddenly with Clooney's wife. -- And brains -- do you ever by a movie ticket go to the movie theater just like any ailment reveres that there and then sort of keep an eye on how other people are reacting to certain scene yeah. Larry Uganda's only easier movies that screenings and premieres you'll never know like how old people are really -- -- that's awesome when you just go -- Millen knows you're there and you're watching in you can link to see -- -- real audience of -- ticket buyers. They really thinks about the movie and liked what they last that what they -- have. Matthew Miller who plays Julie's husband can't help but laugh at his good fortune. To have the distinction of stealing a woman away from George even if it is only on screen but. I am still sort of his wife didn't -- move his role in the history of sort of I use it -- my life like to welcome the -- I have good enough for Clinton's wife. Should -- be good enough. Everyone says says that since. Posted. -- -- Don't ever do that to me. New -- nick -- was impressed that Oscar nominated director Alexander Payne. The force behind such films -- sideways and election -- the actors to dictate parts of the story. He was -- Really awesome -- you know he he worked as hard as he could to make it as natural and other performance out of all of us is that he couldn't maybe -- a little bit of that inspiration rubbed off on everything -- solid -- can really. Be proud of it. You are again. And Robert Forrester who plays Clooney's disapproving father in law has been acting for five decades -- So he knows firsthand how lucky to cast is to be part of such as special ensemble there receiving a lot of attention for this film I mean what is your advice to them. It'll it'll ever be as easy as this is like a grammar school and high school that the best years your life -- you know you just don't know it. This is big deal we've gotten. Oh win put in the sales of our careers. In a few weeks this bunch may just -- right into Oscar glory. With George at the Helm. He is. So like welcoming to all of us when we go unsettling go to work and so fun and easy and that's -- Between him and Alexander -- -- -- just a really fun working environment. For Good Morning America Abbie Boudreau ABC news. Los Angeles.

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{"id":15487842,"title":"Who Are 'The Descendants?'","duration":"5:18","description":"ABC's Abbie Boudreau sits down with the cast of best-picture nominee.","url":"/GMA/video/descendents-cast-interview-working-george-clooney-best-picture-15487842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}