Longoria Takes 'Desperate Housewives' Quiz

Eva Longoria looks back at all the drama that took place on Wisteria Lane.
7:39 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Longoria Takes 'Desperate Housewives' Quiz
All About Eve of this morning as we celebrate the final season of Desperate Housewives -- -- If you're talk about her eight KV apparently. I celebrate this film since that dad gave but you get a bit wistful before talking you guys we look back -- all the drama. -- -- -- Allow me to take you -- a little journey down listeria lane. Visiting America's original -- -- We always optimistic citizen. I just can't -- -- Be exhausted mother of five lead that. Not -- earning -- is threatening daddy. Breathe a perfectionist. My marriage feast of the questions are labeled cheeks and do this kind of your mind. And -- spit fire model turned housewife get real excuse me miss. I guess you didn't see that big -- -- handicapped parking my you know remote spot in minute. Over the past eight seasons we've spent our Sundays with these so called Desperate Housewives -- have gotten to know these women pretty well yeah. -- -- -- Countless cover on -- Cat five's. 51 deaths. Fifteen affairs. And all of those relationships. Gabby and Carlos police have had their ups and downs and write you did your mom. Priority now she's the mother -- my child. But just when you thought things were starting to come down it seems a ladies of the -- are hiding yet another secret. Covering up the murder of -- abusive stepfather. Proving the most important relationship some hysteria lane are the ones between these dynamic women no matter how crazy -- this year Atlantis -- Something always seems to happen to bring -- back to -- And joining -- Gotta talk about the final see the look like you're watching -- two. Batters with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They think they're being ridiculous -- you -- you with your mom had a great -- -- and everything wrong always have so much going on tonight. -- isn't the final. Seems over the -- has been here over the years -- guys -- so tight and now where we've had a lot of -- -- -- -- -- really -- -- consist of six -- months -- -- Source of the -- -- in the season so. I haven't gotten teary -- yet but they say you know -- -- as as it starts wrapping up next in the spraying out my my payments. I'm sure you well as everybody well I know that you -- -- you knew you couldn't tell us what's gonna happen and we check it out. -- Now what I mean Marc Cherry nose out of the in this season's ending -- -- in and that He. We can legally get pages day by day. They're nimble script we're shooting communities like here includes -- -- right now so sun's on going. And you know didn't. Yes -- And it's so we I don't know what's happening in and I did I would tell you OK yeah. You don't -- that's what you get what you -- you argue that you tell us. I know what's gonna happen in this Sunday's episode what what your character and frogs and not -- you don't really. You know your character doesn't really look at what. -- let's take a look at -- Speaking of which are committed and -- moving in the parks can -- be cooking or something neither team. Do you think it can't do you. Go I don't bring different seat. And security thing. The -- -- -- Please tell me -- -- your mom with two fingers on my arm. Yeah. But what a. -- jury. And I wouldn't. Big thing you know -- -- -- before they go Marsha -- -- are you have a are you allergic to -- my -- wouldn't pick. -- are you allergic to frogs our have a phobia with -- well not knowing all -- the contacts was and whenever in the week we get there and they go so marching and we chased the Wagner one's going to be any initial announcement -- The man and a yeah reaction like the ads and there's one -- -- had to pull it off and it just stuck and it wouldn't. Marsha like. -- -- -- We weren't worse than girls and He relayed the war zone it was it was at this -- we reduce. I'll receive. -- look good your favorite episode -- -- you want my favorite. Episode is the pilot. Really I don't -- because the night to the scene or and the no expectations -- me just connect -- shooting in Horry was just a really great. Scripts on my favorite scripts of our fallen and mark does He actually two years to -- it now -- -- to -- -- every week. -- -- -- are. You know the Gartner. All of that was so. Funded the ability either very honest and -- said that this was like hitting the lottery yeah you know being. Cast for this and being that -- -- change or civilian president in May and every way but. Every every has had a change Iverson had it not mean every aspect of my life has been tapped by the -- -- yeah and you're just keep going knew what you were fairly documentary that's very. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's called the harvest about child farmworkers in America is on the child final mark and -- -- the large amount of children American children networking fields. You know as young as eight and and people don't really realize I understand where their food comes from and so this kind of humanize his the issue regarding -- How agriculture is the only industry that doesn't have in the same child labor laws as other industries. It's really cool how you've used your platform for good -- and two to really dealt with the issues that may be other people what do. The school treat your master's supper and that was done my master's yes I have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Latina entrepreneur or is still a teen leadership have. You know with with -- has been the largest population. Growth within that population Latinos are really going to be. That economic. Colts bears in the economic growth within our communities I want to focus on the women -- repeatedly that we have. Little time left so some good lighten up a little bit a little off housewives tests found what I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- been married. -- It hit three wood -- bidding -- What has -- his address it was during a lady we haven't -- yes you do college student at. Narrows to 49 -- away a home and I -- know that a candidate Austin what you're talking about the -- how old was the -- that you're having affair with but He started Michelle how was seventeen view -- what you've got two out of three you are what are these alive aren't -- today. The market following thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Eva Longoria looks back at all the drama that took place on Wisteria Lane. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14825135","title":"Longoria Takes 'Desperate Housewives' Quiz","url":"/GMA/video/desperate-housewives-goodbye-14825135"}