'Desperate Housewives' Men Discuss Series Finale

James Denton, Ricardo Chavira and Doug Savant dish on ending of hit ABC show.
5:09 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for 'Desperate Housewives' Men Discuss Series Finale
Well it is sad but true it is almost time to say goodbye to our good friends on listeria lane as many -- you know this is the final season of Desperate Housewives. But this morning we -- -- attention away from the women and towards the men who helped make the show a fan favorite joining us this morning. James Denton Ricardo shout get out and -- -- hot. It's great but Francona admitted it -- it -- that -- I don't forget how sexy BJ McCain has the incident -- -- -- that and -- -- very sensitive about it -- -- He just did what he medicine and special Thanksgiving is -- -- that. -- they're still looking yeah I decided the red I got in. Our group. Well I think I -- I'm watching the preview off camera. Bonding I mean you really have a close connection eight seasons we think about that show that that that kept you together. We live out. The three of us survived that you know we feel we've killed 52 characters I was told last week this is just a fact that we none of us were killed spent us yes it's being on the shows like being in a mine shaft and allied himself we've we've survived what could well we were on the pilot right -- -- -- so we've moved from day one the notes murdered -- blindness Sino E. Coli has followers in jail -- they quite this morning I began making the finish line. Metal idol episode and there where they're now accounts -- only couple innocent and looks like it dungy was into that any hints on what we can expect. -- The best thing about the end of that I think can bring about -- -- -- characters are bringing back a lot of really good actors from the beginning of the series people haven't seen in awhile. And I think people are really responding of that which is coming -- -- -- -- and storyline there's going to be some really great by kind of reappearance is a bold characters into via. Into the last couple of episodes ruinous in flashback and as the -- lives we've killed off some really good actors and a lot of really gonna -- -- And you know when you first sign on to the showing you always take risks and chances overtime sent -- -- the new -- -- Hollywood. What do you think when you first sign -- this what did you think this -- actually gonna make it what inspired you to join to Eilat. I couldn't because I had been to ABC pilots in a row that did one year now when you're not -- -- get picked up. It was a tough time for the network I think Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? was running report -- a two week. So Terry I had a conversation on the pilot that it was a shame nobody is ever gonna see it usually funny yeah and then -- they -- a great job promoting it and -- the right women. I would like. Why just got out of grad schools I was the only two years prior -- is -- we'll have a job. You know and then and that I see all the -- on stuff for going on Los Angeles about a month month and -- half -- Mike shows the unity really really well with. In the -- and you. And really shook up network programming and and I got -- show to what we can -- back -- this -- let's take a look up. -- totally ruled -- keeping yes totally but I get no say in the matter. -- -- Need to stop asking her speech and -- -- continue to keep. Completing his baby away. -- -- Talk to her father. Susan and does he even know that she's doing this and maybe if I find him I tell him and then he'll stop her. Dents of very bad idea since he's. Very -- -- in the very glad to. I -- -- Seven changer always bailing Susan out. Well yeah I'm a complaint has been pretty good gig -- series is brilliant so it's been it's been really fun we're really -- -- -- registered yeah. Going on it and it's -- we're all very very -- you. Man love admitted he and Harry and and I wanna talk about your wives not the characters but the actors is that when the lightning round here optional -- -- you tell us something about -- and -- -- I think this might explain why children. -- -- But you don't know. She's out there has not come just stroking -- -- but -- Always do charity event it's unbelievable to me nonstop every day every night is coming from -- going to a charity event and I don't -- does -- but she doesn't tell anybody I think it's commendable. I don't OK it Longoria she's really my ventriloquist puppet. And eight years. Now. It's. The and a big. And I've told that this. She is recently really gone back and got marriage got their degrees and and continued her education. And I'm just so proud of that she's done that and all the stuff that she's doing with -- to Latino community and thrust politics. Fellow Texan Terry actually I -- -- all right so let's say we love her yeah we'd love -- -- what you don't know better. She can drink you under the table grill -- Now the debate fairly and all right -- congratulations. Eight incredible seasons can't -- season finale thank -- so much for joining us. -- -- -- -- Sunday night at 9 -- central on ABC to see more photos of Desperate Housewives and men it. Good Good Morning America that come on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15678901,"title":"'Desperate Housewives' Men Discuss Series Finale","duration":"5:09","description":"James Denton, Ricardo Chavira and Doug Savant dish on ending of hit ABC show.","url":"/GMA/video/desperate-housewives-men-discuss-series-finale-15678901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}