'Desperate Housewives' Star On Shocking Exit

James Denton recalls learning that his character was going to be killed off.
4:17 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for 'Desperate Housewives' Star On Shocking Exit
We all know this -- -- fantastic years living on the Stanley on the iconic show Desperate Housewives last night. Well he went out with a -- didn't shock we -- sad to report that America's sexiest plumber Mike Delfino. Gunned down in Vermont did got back from the dead. And -- from -- we appreciate that to tell us all about this really amazing season -- had to finish up of it all. How did feel going -- with a -- You know I was lucky you. When they tell me about the idea of my first concern was about there has now forces and -- -- for the last six episode. But for me it was fun because and I didn't come talk to you guys about it you've got to -- it you know it's. I felt like crap I'll do the same months -- I was and you might have kids you a liar liar liar pants on loyal. Fire I learned in the first couple seasons to keep -- -- Saturday virus. So I the other three guys for your money -- so -- -- and dog and we don't you could be shot at but we could tell anybody that was. -- little uncomfortable because everybody is asking about it we're joking about. The fact related to the -- without dying Chinese certainly that doctors that we all understand that we don't want a thrill of winning a -- -- -- courtroom. So well so close -- -- two episodes. Every two days before there -- now. And it came out of court but that's okay -- feel like you made it past 52 other people. Two people have at least a lot -- series -- very very dangerous streets when they told you. Well how did they tell you. Mark -- -- that was in the production office doing its spirited disagreements of people come by to see the sense that it donated money to charity we try to do that a lot of them. And job market after receiving -- haunts of I -- to talk to -- for a minute we would have sat out got a sinking feeling I really didn't because at that point you figure you've made it you know there was only like six episodes ago. This background Christmas until but the idea and I immediately loved -- just because except for the visit. This sort of decided that it -- now limited to what she could do let me it was great because it's more interest in this fading away. Yeah and -- get something fun to talk about a -- always look to get shot. Let's talk about his daughter -- that I did you -- what wire your legs for this will want one too with the blood. And this could be jealous of stunts -- fun and and you do -- all -- -- very -- -- -- we're talking years -- colored -- face -- with John -- that if you do the study -- nice -- So CA I do like to do all of -- And then I did hear from somebody that even though you're dead you may not be gone. Is that true that we may not have seen the last of deal or no effect this this next week is one of one of my best episodes -- Mike but that was observers the big funeral so it's really sad. But they're all these flashbacks about what he meant to the other character. To get to work of people like Eva Longoria and have intimacy with the years and Felicity Huffman and so -- -- remembering lines Soviet next week gets actually one of the best episodes after and dads and and what happened after that was meant our engine really isn't so we really have to enjoy. My outlook. -- Wraps up for you what is the feeling on that -- -- incredibly -- all these relationships I don't know if everybody knows you've been there since the pilot. The pilot you justices gratitude and you know the people the collective we've worked with that you know -- -- the lava like the hair makeup guys the guys it's. Try to put makeup on me every day and it will go to their trailer you know Stacy and -- and then Desmond John -- -- department dean agreed James those guys never get thanked them. We haven't got a tough job in the -- with them from the beginning and -- And the crew works on harder than we do so those of people -- in this. I've been on that said it's such a neat thing -- a team to go to listeria -- I need to work long hours. Well there does the crews that they're the ones -- there from from daylight to midnight and we gonna come and go backers have an easy -- the crews but get the best crew on TV up -- a lot of shows and so -- we're ruling this up but company go back the last episode it's gonna hang around I think. Perhaps you. Now is such a pleasure to see you -- identity did a terrific job. Eight seasons on Desperate Housewives I think all of us thank you all. We're really getting as entertaining TV for news on that will be watching everybody hopes you will see Desperate Housewives Sundays 9 east central and ABC -- you can see photos of this handsome devil hills compatriots at Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo!. Thanks again -- The.

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{"id":15901257,"title":"'Desperate Housewives' Star On Shocking Exit","duration":"4:17","description":"James Denton recalls learning that his character was going to be killed off.","url":"/GMA/video/desperate-housewives-star-james-denton-shocking-exit-15901257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}