Liven Up Your Ice Cream Sandwich With At-Home Recipe

Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli reveals unique ways to prepare "old school" comfort food.
3:13 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Liven Up Your Ice Cream Sandwich With At-Home Recipe
national television, whom i love, love, love, alex guamaschelli. Iron chef, top judge, executive chef at two great restaurants here, butter and the darby. This morning whipping up some delicious fragrant delicious desserts. Hard to believe as popular and everywhere as this young lady is, this is the first cookbook but it is and everything you see is from old-school comfort food. Delicious. Alex, we'll start with the sandwich -- we saw. What took you so long to write a book, to do the cookbook? I have a mother who a cookbook editor. I love -- are you going to make a mustache. Don't burn the tongue. So I have a mom who is a cookbook editor and if steven spielberg was your father, you would never direct a movie but i had all this burning comfort food inside me that needed to be put in a book and shared. So let's start -- I want to say, follow her on twitter. She will make you hungry. So what we do have here? You can see these kind of the result. But just any kind of ice cream that you love and then this case I used butter pecan and this is a game. You can -- roll it. You can do it -- come on, i need you to roll. Just start -- if I could tear sam away from which you cannot. I love you but you can't afford it. Oh. Another one. And then you just literally put these -- I need you to roll this stuff. Take my little creation. Put it -- look at that. You know what, I think -- and then give me a little press. So special. And do the drive-by bowling into the ice cream sandwich. This is fun. Arts and crafts, lard, let's go. This reminds me of being at dodger stadium. Is this caramel? Yes, it is. Oh, can I -- yes, we're melting that down. We want some of that. The sauce. Pretend. So -- then to make this cookie butter. Put baking powder, baking soda, vanilla all in here and that's -- oh, my god. How am I going to measuix my cookies. Are you going to mix something with this -- if you had all the chocolate you started with and didn't lose half your chocolate from a very charming chocolate thief -- you cannot be trusted and the other thing I wanted to bring up, my childhood birthday cake and regular classic yellow cake and have chocolate on your chin, oh, my gosh. All these recipes, goodmorningamerica.Com. All these recipes old-school comfort food. She is the singular alex

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{"id":18932153,"title":"Liven Up Your Ice Cream Sandwich With At-Home Recipe","duration":"3:13","description":"Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli reveals unique ways to prepare \"old school\" comfort food.","url":"/GMA/video/dessert-recipes-alex-guarnaschelli-iron-chef-livens-ice-18932153","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}