Destiny's Child Member Reveals Battle With Depression

Michelle Williams of the superstar trio explores talent as solo singer, actress.
4:54 | 01/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Destiny's Child Member Reveals Battle With Depression
She's here to talk about her latest venture as a solo artist and actress. We have a couple of big questions for her in just a minute. First, take a look at this and how she's been surviving. ♪ I'm a survivor I'm not a give ♪ Reporter: Beyonce, kelly rowland, and michelle williams. As destiny's child, they skyrocketed to fame, becoming one of the best female vocal groups of all-time. Since then, williams has found solo success, replacing two gospel recordings. ♪ When we rain ♪ Reporter: And earning raves for her chart-topping dance/pop album. Williams is currently rehearsing for her new broadway show, "fella," just as rumors are swirling that destiny's child is reuniting. With michelle and kelly joining beyonce at the super bowl, right on the heels of a new destiny's child album release. How great is it to have michelle williams here with us right now. Good morning. Good morning to you. We have to start off by talking about what everyone's talking about. Your friend, beyonce. What do you think of all of the controversy surrounding her inaugural "star-spangled banner" rendition? It's sad and disappointing to me. I love her so much. I know what she possesses. And that was such a big moment for her. And I just wish people would let it go and just, you know, continue to look for what she's going to be bringing to y'all in the future. She's got some heat. We know she can sing. Is this something that most artists do, especially in these types of conditions? To be honest with you, I was in rehearsals all day, from 10:00 to 6:00. I swear I can show you my schedule. I haven't seen it. I'm seeing bits and pieces today. So, I honestly -- it's just shocking to me that it's taken on this -- this big of a deal? Yeah. We're also making a big deal about beyonce's performance at the super bowl halftime. People thinking you might show up. And a destiny's child reunion? I wish I could say. And I know that josh shultz is in our rehearsals. That's what I'm doing. And what I'm focusing on. I wish I could -- can you say maybe? I wish I could say. Just in time for valentine's day, we know that destiny's child has an upcoming album, "love songs," a collection of the group's romantic songs, including a new track co-written by you. What can we expect from that? It's a song called "nuclear," which I think is beautiful. It showcases, you know, where we left off from. But it feels like we never left. The vocals are beautiful, produced by pharrell williams. I had a chance to put my 2 cents in the song. I'm happy to have that moment again. We can't wait for it. You all sing like no threesome I've ever heard before. Thank you so much. And then, there's "fella." A 16-city play. An amazing love story. But it talks about passion for music and a passion for what was right. I play his lever and teacher. You have to be both. If you want to be right, you do. Well, some men need to be taught. I play the role of sandra isidore. And I'm very pleased, 16 cities. With all of this success, you look fabulous, you sound fabulous. And yet, you decided to open up about dealing with depression. Uh-huh. You say you had to choose to get out of bed to do whatever you need to do to be happy. But a lot of people would be surprised to hear that you suffered from that. What's your message? You created a foundation. I created a foundation. It is called the michelle t. Williams foundation. It wasn't planned. It just came out naturally. Now that it's out and everybody seems to know about it, I want people to know it's okay to go talk to somebody. It's okay to go get some help. It's really okay to deal with whatever it is that has you -- The first step, what many get. I choose to be happy. It is a choice. And I choose life. And god has blessed me with the great one. We're lucky to have you in our lives. Michelle williams, thank you so much. And best of luck in your endeavors. We hope to see you at the super bowl. Oh, man. The national tour of "fela" launches at washington, d.C.'S shakespeare theater company on JANUARY 29th.

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{"id":18301563,"title":"Destiny's Child Member Reveals Battle With Depression","duration":"4:54","description":"Michelle Williams of the superstar trio explores talent as solo singer, actress. ","url":"/GMA/video/destinys-child-member-reveals-battle-depression-18301563","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}