New Details in Chef's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Case

Award-winning chef Laura Buckingham, 30, faces charges alleging that she hired a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend.
4:15 | 06/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details in Chef's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Case
We do know that. Developments in an alleged murder-for-hire plot involving an ex-marine surged celebrity chef. She has been charged for the crime after being brought down in a police sting operation. ABC's gio Benitez is here with the details. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Good morning to you. A grand jury indicating her this week and listen to this, she's accused of trying to use her new boyfriend to kill her ex-boyfriend. But that new boyfriend wouldn't do it and he spilled the beans. This morning, 30-year-old laura Ann Buckingham, marine turned baker is facing serious charges that alleged she hired a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend. After my last appointment I moved up to Albany, Indiana and started selling breads on the side of highway 150. Reporter: On Tuesday a grand jury indicating the marine who spent two tours in Iraq before coming home. Opening this bakery in Indiana and becoming a local celebrity chef, even gracing the cover of this lifestyle magazine. I started selling at different farmers' markets and couldn't keep up with the demand. Reporter: But police say the wanna-be model had a darker side wanting to end a contentious custody battle with her ex-boyfriend, Bradley Sutherland, father the of their 3-year-old by having him murdered. I thought it was a joke. In all honesty we all thought we were being punked for a short period of time. Reporter: Police allege Buckingham even recruit the her new boyfriend, Joseph Chamblin to help kill him. They say he told them about the alleged plot. Authorities setting up an undercover sting where Buckingham allegedly paid a $300 deposit. The total cost, 3,000 bucks. Locals say the community is in shock. No one would ever imagine. She was well liked because what she gave back to the community after she came home from serving. Reporter: But as for her ex -- I don't feel angry. I feel kind of sad she felt the way she did that she had to do that to try to take my son from me. Reporter: And Buckingham is now out on $150,000 bail. She's wearing an ankle monitor. ABC news has not been able to reach her lawyer but we know she'll face a judge on Monday, robin. That we do know, for more let's bring in ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrams. The credibility of the boyfriend, how important is that. He turns her in and typically in a indication like this he'd be critical. The reason he's not that important is because the Tennessee authorities literally go in, they go undercover, they get a deposit from her to go ahead and commit this crime. Then they show her pictures of what she thinks is now her dead ex and she then pays the remainder of the money. The authorities say, so that's going to become the critical point in this and as a result his credibility becomes a little less important. So with all that what does the defense say? I think she's going to end up pointing the finger at him, at the guy who turned her in. You know, because they're two sort of exes at this point and if she does that, he then becomes the focus of the defense. I think she's going to argue he set me up. This was his money. He's the one who wanted me to do this. He's the one who was pushing for this. I never really wanted that. We'll have to see exactly what it'll be. What possible sentencing is she facing? Well, she could face if convicted like 15 to 60 years but you have to wonder whether there's going to be some sort of deal here, right. This is someone who friends say was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Does the victim meaning the father of her child not want to really move forward with this? It seems to be the case. I think he's got a level of sympathy for her and if that happens, you could see a deal here where maybe she gets a few years in prison. Remember, she's out on $150,000 bail. It's not a lot of bail. Isn't she pregnant too. She is pregnant. She is pregnant. Presumably with the child of the same guy who ended up turning her in. Maybe that will play too. Right. That's a big question mark. I think that could end up being a factor in this case and come up possibly as part of the defense. We'll see what happens. All right, Dan, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Award-winning chef Laura Buckingham, 30, faces charges alleging that she hired a hit man to kill her ex-boyfriend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40069296","title":"New Details in Chef's Alleged Murder-for-Hire Case","url":"/GMA/video/details-chefs-alleged-murder-hire-case-40069296"}