Detroit Exec Murdered: Husband in Spotlight

As Jane Bashara is laid to rest the mystery of her murder remains unsolved.
2:33 | 01/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Detroit Exec Murdered: Husband in Spotlight
And now to -- growing murder mystery unfolding in Grosse Pointe park Michigan new questions for the hosts mother of two. James -- bodies found far from home and suspicious circumstances ABC's Dan Harris that we can anchor his back. From being down there and has more -- -- in the morning -- good morning -- game to -- be laid to rest today even as the mystery of her murder remains unsolved this morning we're learning some fresh. And disturbing new details about her death and her husband. Who now finds himself in a rather harsh spotlight. Late Monday one of America's wealthiest towns. Poured into this funeral home for a visitation for Jane Bishara the mother of two and successful executive. Whose case is the source of so much misery. And mystery. We now know her body was found Wednesday morning in an Alley in a poor neighborhood miles away from her stately home he was dressed in black pants in a Green blouse. -- their house slippers on the floor and her heavily bruised body. Lodged between the front and back seats with a prescription bottle on the passenger seat. This morning growing questions about her husband of 26 years Bob Bishara a former Rotary Club president. Who in the hours after the murder. Appeared at a candlelight vigil. What she had to suffer. I'm just so upset about it. But now reports that he failed a polygraph and this morning police saying they have unspecified evidence that contradicts -- story. And there's more if this is really a robbery or carjacking police are reportedly asking why would -- killer or killers have left -- -- the -- body. Here in this Alley without taking -- credit cards or her SUV which would potentially be worth. Upwards of tens of thousands of dollars -- -- as family and attorneys say he is innocent and today he will attend his wife's funeral. And this morning police tell the Detroit Free Press -- Bob a -- was in a bar called a hard luck lounge for a period of time on the night that his wife went missing the Paper also reports that Bashar. He's delinquent on nearly 181000 dollars in taxes and several properties he owns as we -- a harsh spotlight. And every aspect of his life at this point you just returned from there -- -- the community must this be reeling right now a lot of sadness a lot of disbelief that you often funny situations like this and pay in interest in coming from one of the neighbors. That one of their deepest fears is that this in fact was random because -- -- shattered the sense com that has existed in this place for so long no homicides in that town since 1982. Yes -- thank you.

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{"id":15478205,"title":"Detroit Exec Murdered: Husband in Spotlight","duration":"2:33","description":"As Jane Bashara is laid to rest the mystery of her murder remains unsolved.","url":"/GMA/video/detroit-exec-murdered-husband-spotlight-15478205","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}