Dev Patel, Ben Stiller cast in 'Chippendales' movie

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:19 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Dev Patel, Ben Stiller cast in 'Chippendales' movie
Let's do it. Lots of news so right to it. In movie news we want to you imagine a film that's sort of "Boogie nights" and "Scarface" behind "Chippendales" around the male strip club chain. Oscar nominee dev Patel is in talks to portray Steve banerge who transformed a dive bar in Los Angeles to the famous male revue. The story gets deep from here. He went on to plead guilty to attempted arson, racketeering, murder for hire and Ben stiller is also going to be in the film. Nick Denoia is his name. A real-life Emmy winning producer of children's shows turned choreographer for the male dancers. You can't make this up, who unfortunately was later murdered. The story is really deep, really dark. It's all true. It's all true and "Variety" says it's been in the making for 20 years. Passion Nall filmmaker behind it and it will explore greed in the 1980s. That casting sounds fantastic. Yeah. Big article in "Variety" about that. Stay tuned. Hopefully he'll come on the show and talk about it. Lots of baby news. Congratulations in order for Mindy kaling who is pregnant. Sources, congrats. Sources calling the news an unexpected surprise and said she wanted a baby so there you go, girl. Surprise. She's not the only one Jessica alba sharing overnight her and her husband cash are officially outnumbered. That's how she put it in the adorable post with her two daughters announcing baby number three is on the way. That's so cute. I love how they did that. One of my favorite guys in Hollywood, Jordan Peele of key & Peele fame, he and his wife of "Brooklyn 99" welcomed bottom Gino Peele. Happy news all around. Oh, my. Love happy news. Do you guys remember the show on tlc called "Trading spaces." It was like must see TV -- I know you were addicted. Well, it's coming back. I don't know if you heard. It's coming back. I know. We should have thought of that, robin. After a ten-year break and tlc is giving all of you guys, all of you guys a chance to be on the show. They're giving the show a stroke of fresh paint with a new cast and a newly announced casting call for folks who want to trade spaces so if you're interested, politics should be next-door neighbors with a familiar relationship. You have to actually like each other. You can't want to redo each other's houses and trash it. Please. Just a reminder in the original show homeowners have no say over the changes that are made by their neighbors. Robin, give me those key, baby. Give me those keys. I trust you. You wouldn't want me -- Oh, yes, I would. No, no, no. She's fabulous. I think it's great, though. You guys have the chance to be on the show if you want with your neighbors. You have a 48-hour deadline to refinish -- to finish the remodeling with the help of designers, carpenters and a thousand dollar budget. They haven't announced if these conditions still stand. The show was a classic and where apaige Davis? Successful in theater. I do not think she's coming back. We were looking online and didn't see any word of that. No word yet -- remember her cute hair. I copied her haircut. Very excited, tlc you're bringing that back and, guys, apply. Get a makeover. For better or worse. Common. I do think it would be fun to do a "Gma" version of that. Who would do that? Who would trade? You would do it? A little mixed here. I have a show called "Flea market fix" and the master craftsman are amazing. Even though it's a thousand dollar budget you can do a lot with a thousand dollars when you have a great team of experts so apply, apply. That's "Pop news," everybody. That flip. Although it didn't work so well on me.

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{"id":48697654,"title":"Dev Patel, Ben Stiller cast in 'Chippendales' movie","duration":"4:19","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/dev-patel-ben-stiller-cast-chippendales-movie-48697654","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}