New Device Claims It Can Relieve Chronic Pain

FDA cleared device could be an innovative way to help control chronic pain for sufferers.
3:06 | 09/17/15

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Transcript for New Device Claims It Can Relieve Chronic Pain
Reporter: And co-hosting "The fablife." Ltyike anra bas hksit B llhi a torut msning she's speaking out about the one thing she says S. I have been wanting to say this for so Reporter: Valerie Gregory is a 34-year-old physical therapist fighting to stay active. A knee injury in college has snowballed into consistent pain. It just hits you right then and there as soon as you wake up in the Orange and gets depressing over time too because being so young I feel like it's only going to get worse. Reporter: She turned to a new device that uses electric stimulation and an app on her phone and tries to trick the nervous system. It feels like a little have a brace. Reporter: Called quell it fits on her half and delivers half hour treatments. Dr. Allyson -- It concentrates on touch and vibration rather than the pain. It's electric stimulation that goes to your brain and brain waves are going off and telling the pain receptors to calm down. Oh, it's almost like a -- you can adjust the schedule via bluetooth and dial up the intensity as needed. After about two weeks I had no pain at all. Reporter: This is also the first device of its kind to be fda cleared for use while sleeping but medical experts say use over two hours give cause for concern. Constant stimulation of the nerve may cause problems in how the nerves work and also may cause muscle fatigue and muscle soreness. Reporter: The device retails for $250 and doesn't mandate a prescription. What would you say to people who think maybe this is just a high-tech placebo. It has worked for you so it could work for you. If it is a placebo, it works. Reporter: Now it's important to note this product is fda cleared because it's a smartphone interface for a long-standing method of treats pain calls a tens a tens unit. You can buy one for $90 compared to the quell for 250. Robin, bottom line for those seeking relief all innovation is welcome. Absolutely there, Becky. So let me ask you something here, it's supposed to relieve the pain but is it painful itself, how it, you know, how it works on you. It's confusing because you sort of have to feel it to understand. It's not pain. On zero to one on the pain scale it's zero. It feels like really a little electrical stimulation. It's not good like a massage but you can tune it out quickly with your conscious mind. All right, Becky, thank you very much. We really have enjoyed this series with Becky and with Dr. Ashton and a lot of people are acting to it because chronic and acute pain is very real. Yeah, and it's so debilitating. It just shuts you down for the day. Good to get solutions.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"FDA cleared device could be an innovative way to help control chronic pain for sufferers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33826405","title":"New Device Claims It Can Relieve Chronic Pain","url":"/GMA/video/device-claims-relieve-chronic-pain-33826405"}