More Than $50 Million in Diamonds Stolen in Cannes

Brazen jewel theft is the third this year in home of the famous film festival.
2:07 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for More Than $50 Million in Diamonds Stolen in Cannes
vegetables come from overseas. That is huge. It is. That brazen jewel theft on the riviera. From a hotel lobby in the heart of cannes, and it's the third huge heist there and lama hasan has the story. Reporter: This morning, an international manhunt is on for the brazen thief who seemed to stage a scene freight from alfred hitchcock's "to catch a thief." I'm the only thing in the world you can't resist. Reporter:53 million of jewels snatched in broad daylight from the luxurious carlton hotel in cannes sunday. A MAN IN HIS MID-40s WEARING A Hat and scarf around his neck entered the prominent leviev and had a suitcase of gems and walked out in less than a minute. It's unclear if the thief acted alone. The press tension french riviera town known for its plush yachts and playground for hollywood stars is a place for heists recently. A safe containing more than a million dollars of jewelry was taken from a novotel hotel room and police are still looking for the culprits. It's been a popular town for jewel thieves known as the pink panthers. Their name inspired by this scene in the classic "the return of the pink panther" when thieves hide loot inside a jar of face cream. Yep. Reporter: These guys have done the same thing. Three pink panther members have bust out of jail in the last two months. One escaping just last friday from this switzerland prison. Rumors are swirling the gang could be behind the latest raid given the close time line of events. There were only three security guards on duty who were reportedly unarmed at the time of the heist. It happened so quickly that french detectives are now speculating whether the robber had an accomplice inside the hotel.

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{"id":19800726,"title":"More Than $50 Million in Diamonds Stolen in Cannes","duration":"2:07","description":"Brazen jewel theft is the third this year in home of the famous film festival.","url":"/GMA/video/diamond-heist-cannes-france-50-million-dollars-worth-19800726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}