Diana Nyad Pulled From Water, Ending Cuba-Florida Swim

62-year-old woman battles storms and jellyfish in her quest for a record swim.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diana Nyad Pulled From Water, Ending Cuba-Florida Swim
We have some breaking news on diana nyad. She has been pulled from the water. The jellyfish stings beca too much for her on that 100-mile swim from cuba to florida. She is in the water right now. Robin just spoke to her team and has the latest. Just spoke to them. And it's really tough. She's a dear friend. This is something she really wanted. We thought she was doing well. And she was. And just was so much. The jellyfish stings. You talked about this, sam, yesterday. The conditions being so -- it's that time of year, when they're pretty much at their peak. The water's the warmest. The jellyfish thrive in that water right there. She had a special suit. But not everything could be protected. Let's go down to matt gutman, who has the very latest for us on diana nyad. Matt? Reporter: Good morning, robin. As you just heard it from the crew itself, out there in the support crew. 63 people trying to help diana nyad through it. But she's been sun burned. She's been lashed by the jellyfish. Her tongue and mouth had been swollen. They decided it was too much for her. They had to pull her out of the water. This quest is over. Diana nyad is turning closer to land this morning. Closer to achieving one of the most elusive records in history. Swimming barely a mile an hour, nyad has faced an ocean of adversi adversity. Overnight, her lips and tongue continued swelling. Her face and suit smeared with black paste to ward off hyperthermia. She is also battling the stings of jellyfish. She's been stung four times, including by box jellyfish, with venom strong enough, to cause cardiac arrest in some. Those same stings kept her from achieving her dream last year. But monday, nyad faced more trechous waters. Sharks were circling part of the day. Before that, showers over her. Her crew of 63 saying all hell broke loose. That squall set her back 36 hours. All the while, nyad continues swimming. Burning about 30,000 calories, every 90 minutes, stopping for food, like peanut butter. Everything she does, she does in the water, except sleep. She hasn't done that in nearly 60 hours. But her spiritsept afloat monday, by this pod of dolphins. Unofficial pacesetters, of sorts. More coming from you in moments. Diana nyad is on one of the support boats. They're bringing it back to key west. And you heard more from her crew? We talked to an official observer on the boat. This is what he said a couple minutes ago. Steve, if you're on the phone right now, just tell us what is going to be the next step right now. I know she has a strong, strong team around her. Okay. Steve, picking up on what angel was just talking about. Where are you right now? What are the next steps for diana to reach the shores of florida. Yeah. What we're going to do is we're going to be motoring in by our boats, towards key west. And when do you expect she could make it there to key west? We pulled her out of the water. The dangers were so great that would not risk anyone's life, including her own. I'm sorry. I didn't hear that. You're saying that diana nyad has been pulled from the water? Correct. How is she doing, steve? She's severely sun burned. She has heat due to the box jellyfish. She got multiple hits. She has a strained bicep muscle. She could barely walk. She gave it all she had. Yes, she did. And angel said it best. She did reach her goal. She's been so courageous. This is something that had been so important to her. We're very proud of her. You tell her that, steve. We remain very, very proud of her. And glad she has the team around her. Thank you very much. Okay. Angel that I was preferring to, she's a professor of tropical medicine of hawaii. I was talking to her. We were finding out on the phone that she wasn't making it to key west. And angel was quick to point out, that she has, diana nyad, she did reach her goal. Very courageous to get in the water, to come as close as she did. And we need to take away the good of what she accomplished. It just wasn't possible anymore. Switching gears. We're going to turn to the

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{"id":17047443,"title":"Diana Nyad Pulled From Water, Ending Cuba-Florida Swim","duration":"3:00","description":"62-year-old woman battles storms and jellyfish in her quest for a record swim.","url":"/GMA/video/diana-nyad-pulled-water-ending-cuba-florida-swim-17047443","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}