Diane von Furstenberg's Spring Fashion Picks

One of the premiere names in fashion discusses clothing, her annual awards show.
4:44 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Diane von Furstenberg's Spring Fashion Picks
We always love it when Diane von Furstenberg comes to visit she. What she's an icon when it comes to fashion so much more because she is -- tireless supporter of women's empowerment all over the globe. The third annual DVF awards take place in March in New York honoring women. Who have changed the lives of others and Diane wants you to pick one of the winners again for us this year well it before we. From banking and nice to be handy remote too cozy place -- -- thinner and it's really anything I can feel that. I can really use of that so yes -- on that the idea of our -- and -- very exciting. And I usually come here and that to present the people of that -- because we giving five awards to you know I've always been. Such a fan of women and as I have been pilot myself. I like to empower either women. And I'm always so impressed when night me. These incredible in the third stored longer run the way around -- so strong and we'll have the courage to find. The pilot to survive. And the strength to leave so tell us about these nominees and he'll be able to get water alarms aren't terribly funny that forum the -- goes well wonderful young. Exciting. Lagos who do so much and you can vote on them on ABC outcome on that -- ads that -- that -- her -- And the first one is Janet about a -- B and she has -- organization called. Women tomorrow. And she house thousands of gowns. And you know they go to they work with schools and they have them. Two graduates and advanced education and and and do things they never thought they could do. -- and that to -- Kids have the boat dock at bats in Chicago. Wonderful woman who has already. Had -- saved. 15100. Women and and she is an out of of the street the violence -- Chicago is and -- don't have and it's really she takes into Harmon and it changed it transforms them live -- you know you transform. One night. I mean the person -- transfer -- -- from thousands of line -- generations it's incredible Andrea Powell from fair goat. Gain -- teenage goes to overcome abuse sex trafficking. And and you know and so they were constant job training and last but not niece -- -- -- in mainland will grow from tacking unit. Jess this just -- to and she -- she provides me. Protection for immigrant women. And and goes -- -- -- this from the raped six you know trafficking and torture to all of these things it's hard to believe that these things exist in the country. And by doing -- by doing the people's -- first of all thanks to you I can give those those incredible women. Exposures so that people can go online and find out about them and find out about the organizations don't have them. And -- so you can vote and I think that it's really important that all of you vote. Because the more people vote the better it is and you will. A wonderful blog about women that inspired you and I know your mother. At the top of the list well my mother was. Really really incredibly strong and says she said -- -- concentration camp at the age of 22. She when she survived she weighed 49 pounds less than her bones. And says the doctors said when she came back she got married you said you can have a child at least for five years and of course the yen late I was. Moderate and the rest is history and you should go online and read this wonderful block. -- before you go give us three tips for spring. Three west have a laugh with spring in my fashion -- was -- I had three major things one was why it. An act strangely enough DDF opened with a white. -- white wrap dress. And then feel our love seven renewal means flower in new tenant sharing -- this is that I can know there are and then south fast then. But -- to get that in the very and -- a way to the -- today evidence that needs yank them. That's you at and has. And glamorous you are you happy -- I mean to get blares over -- -- which sold 1 AM August. The big -- -- think. For the work that you get -- degree -- that I go to. And it read more of her inspiring block women in her life and how to -- a -- -- vote. The deviant -- are rated third year -- our website Good Morning America dotcom or Yahoo! on Yahoo! enough to go to Diane. -- -- and I learned that.

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{"id":15529280,"title":"Diane von Furstenberg's Spring Fashion Picks","duration":"4:44","description":"One of the premiere names in fashion discusses clothing, her annual awards show.","url":"/GMA/video/diane-von-furstenbergs-spring-fashion-picks-15529280","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}