Diet Drugs: Do Benefits Outweigh the Risks?

New drug has results but could also cause memory loss and suicidal thoughts.
2:28 | 02/18/12

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Transcript for Diet Drugs: Do Benefits Outweigh the Risks?
At -- diet -- that some people are calling a miracle drug. It could be getting a Green light from a panel of federal officials this coming week but it does come but a fascinating dilemma would you take a drug. That helped this woman go from this did this. If that drug also carried the risk of memory loss and possibly -- with suicidal thoughts. ABC's David Curley is in Washington this morning -- more on that story David good morning to you. Good morning -- you know everyone of us has tried to set a couple of pounds wondering isn't their. -- it be great if there was a pill that can help us do it well this week this new pill gets a lot of attention. It's -- look so many of us want models movie stars and more. They figure we spend forty billion dollars every year die waiting to try to get this kind of figure. But a third of us are obese and millions more are far from having a hard body. So could this pill be the answer it's called Q -- accept and Frazier -- -- says it changed his life. I always tried to go on diets and I -- these 1015 pounds and it never would work out. The twenty year old went from 390 pounds to 225. He's not alone. -- prince also -- diversion of the drug to seriously shed the pounds. It's been more than a decade since a weight loss drug -- -- -- and doctors treating the obese are looking for an option other than surgery. But there's no medicines and the -- huge clinical need right now we need effective medicines for weight loss to help our patients. And -- next is potentially a medicine that could be very useful in this regard. -- -- is coming up reviewed this week but and this is a big but it's been rejected once already by the government. And yesterday officials said they're still concerned about the side effects which can include birth defects in pregnant women increased heart rate and memory lapses. Too good to be true means that. What's the other side of it and the other side of it over and over and over again has been that the risks outweigh those benefits that. Is what a panel of doctors will decide. But Frazier ourself has already reached his conclusion. I think business and everything and if you really want to lose the way -- I think it's definitely worth it. Now resulted your version of connects as part of a program it's an appetite suppressing the California company that's making it makes its pitch next week with the backdrop. That nothing before it has ever worked in fact one expert says. History is littered with diet drug disaster after another.

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{"id":15743375,"title":"Diet Drugs: Do Benefits Outweigh the Risks?","duration":"2:28","description":"New drug has results but could also cause memory loss and suicidal thoughts. ","url":"/GMA/video/diet-drugs-benefits-outweigh-risks-15743375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}