Diet, Exercise Tips for Every Age

Women's Health editor and fitness trainer Jen Ator shares tips for proper exercise from your 20s to 50s.
2:13 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Diet, Exercise Tips for Every Age
others in a bit. Up next, the right workout for your age. There are diet and exercise tips for every stage of life to maximize fitness in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and you'll love this, George, and beyond. A little beyond talk today. Lindsey Ja niz has it. Reporter: The comedy, this is 40 poked fun at the cruel reality. I got to -- Reporter: Decade by decade as your body changes, so should your diet and exercise routine. What works in your 20s is not going to be what works in your 40s and vice versa. Reporter: She says while in your 20s, start by setting the tone early. Building bone health and building a lot of lean muscle match. First exercise is sprinting in place. Reporter: Ladies, don't take this decade for granted. Now is the time for high intensity and high impact and strength training. Squats and overhead press. Work everything at once, it's really helpful. Reporter: For those 30-somethings out there, cut back on caffeine and salt. Both can axccelerate bone loss. And to rev up the slowing metabolic metabolism, eight to ten rep was of the Burpee shuffle. Two slides over here, touch down, two here, touch down, come back to center, hands down, jump back and do a pushup, and stand. Reporter: I'm feeling my age today. I just had a baby too. So Jen recommends the 40s to eat more protein and watch portion control. In this peri menopausal age group, declining testosterone. Reporter: And the big 5-0 and beyond -- Estrogen starts to drop. Reporter: Incorporate yoga or pilates. But just keep moving, and know it's possible to be fit and fabulous at any age. For "Good morning America," Lindsey Davis, ABC news, new

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{"id":24449655,"title":"Diet, Exercise Tips for Every Age","duration":"2:13","description":"Women's Health editor and fitness trainer Jen Ator shares tips for proper exercise from your 20s to 50s.","url":"/GMA/video/diet-exercise-tips-women-age-24449655","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}