Sexy Celebrities' Diet Secrets

The latest issue of Us Weekly reveals dieting tips from the sexiest stars.
3:14 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Sexy Celebrities' Diet Secrets
You don't think that all that plastic surgery may be taking things too far here's a -- way to start the new year with a new you follow the advice of your favorite stars. -- secret to staying fit revealed in the latest issue of us weekly and ABC's -- can check -- all. From the youngsters even cares at all. Tools of the red carpet. Tinseltown's newest and hottest Colombia's. Not -- picture perfect stars -- their sexy secrets to us weekly. How does Katy Perry keep those curves and still look like a teenage dream. Her secret circuit. Training jumping rope and sticking to fiber rich meals. I caught up with Katie has personal trainer and the revolution's Harley Pasternak. At the David Barton gym here in New York find out what he does to keep -- so foxy and she really -- and tightens her body in three areas one as a proper back. The second his midsection and the thirties -- lower body. Reality starlet Kim for NASA -- has jobs dropping every time she steps now. And says steering clear sugar eating organic and no water breaks while exercising -- the secrets to her sexy -- Kandahar dashing and takes no prisoners -- -- -- from one moved to another I'm really excited about next Hollywood's blonde bombshell Amanda safe street. She has a body to die for but says she has to fight hard to keep it that way. He says that she's not one of those skinny girls who sings when he Chester really work at that. The only occasional splurge Amanda -- walk out classes with friends hiking with her dog and eating protein rich snacks like Greek yogurt. She two trains with Harley Pasternak let's see what the safe -- moves -- this is one of Amanda secrets to having an amazing body. Olivia Wilde made a name for herself with her -- spelled wrong body. Olivea hasn't really healthy attitude about that and she doesn't plan. So she sticks to a vegetarian diet takes hula -- classes and -- unhealthy foods like miso soup and mangoes. Supermodel Miranda Kerr has all new mommies feed on land it started out -- a statue -- of the supermodel body but she's had to work out. After she gave birth to her son then how did she do it she attributes it to breast feeding -- back and focusing on healthy eating like -- -- and omens. Speaking of mommy's GMA contributor Melissa price drop was named by -- magazine as one of the hottest -- bodies for her -- post baby come back. I think it's a big secret that he just Horton tower European -- didn't work -- you don't really realize it and some kind of locker on the neighborhood even holding her. -- is I'm holding eighteen pounds while I'm talking Melissa also told -- the key to her bouncing back to her pre baby body was healthy eating. Us weekly came up with a list of -- tips and snacks and snacking go for a Green city bowl of calcium and vitamins. Also watermelon is a popular celebrity snack. And dates and red peppers are sweet healthy snacks to take on the go. And interviewing all the celebrities and trainers and high lead we really found that it's a balance. Eating -- eating cleanly as well as working out. Thanks -- from a good advice.

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{"id":15278899,"title":"Sexy Celebrities' Diet Secrets","duration":"3:14","description":"The latest issue of Us Weekly reveals dieting tips from the sexiest stars.","url":"/GMA/video/diet-secrets-sexiest-stars-tips-staying-thin-15278899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}