Summer Salads to Keep You Slim

ABC News' nutrition editor Dave Zinczenko reveals how to eat out and stay healthy.
4:01 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for Summer Salads to Keep You Slim
zinczenko, everybody. Time for "eat it to beat it," with our abc news nutrition and wellness editor, dave. Dave is going to show you how to eat at chain restaurants without doing damage. There's tricks here that you knew the numbers and you do because of this guy. Let's start with the moroccan spiced chicken salad, from california pizza kitchen. It has 1,370 calories. He has so much oil, I don't know to send it back to the kitchen or to jiffy lube. Let me show you the equivalent. Sam? It's the calorie equivalent of a domino's thin crust pepperoni pizza. If we don't want a thin crust piz pizza, we should have -- this is the half chinese chicken salad. 330 calories. Only ten grams of fat. What that means is you're going to save 1,040 calories. And 70 grams of fat. That's amazing. You have to be careful at the salad bars. Salad sales are up 50% in the last decade. And no meal on the planet starts out healthier than a salad. And you said half. This is a half portion? Let's get to chili's boneless buffalo chicken salad, what's the problem? 4,720 milligrams of sodium. Which is the equivalent -- 29 1/2 McDONALD'S FRENCH Fries. I ate that. And you brought cold french fries. I'm going to reheat them for you. 29 addresses. Sodium equivalent right here. Can you believe that? Actually -- you're going to eat instead -- you're going to choose the chicken caesar salad. It has 660 calories. But you're saving -- yes? 3,300 milligrams of sodium. And over 60 grams of fat. I just -- I know. But I know this is the right way to go, dave. This is like -- this is the lord voldemort of salads. We happop on over to ihop. It's the chicken spinach salad. What could be wrong? It should be fine. It's saltier than miley cyrus. The problem is, it's -- you're on, dave. I would be hopping mad over this. It's 1,560 calories. 112 grams of fat. The calorie equivalent of six klondike bars. I could have six klondike bars or this salad. You think you're doing everything right. I'm going to get the chicken. I'm going to get the salad. Go to a salad bar. You're safer going to a biker bar. I mean -- oh, wow. When you're at ihop. Here all week, folks. At ihop, stay away from that one and maybe go for this one. This is the house salad with balsamic vinaigrette. If you have this, you're going to end up saving 1,210 calories. That's a big deal. If you don't do it, you have to do the animal flow for 2 1/2 hours. Oh, man. Your choice. There you go. I want to say, this is important to know. We reached out to all three restaurants. They said they provide many different options for customers to make their own healthy choices. That's why we have dave to help us. And sam, who provides the

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{"id":20079685,"title":"Summer Salads to Keep You Slim","duration":"4:01","description":"ABC News' nutrition editor Dave Zinczenko reveals how to eat out and stay healthy.","url":"/GMA/video/dieting-tips-summer-salads-slim-20079685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}