Disabled Cruise Ship Arrives in the Seychelles

The ship finally docks after losing power at sea three days ago.
2:03 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disabled Cruise Ship Arrives in the Seychelles
Now for the latest on that stricken cruise ship finally reaching -- this morning after terrifying few days stranded at sea and sweltering heat with no water. Passengers forced to sleep outside. ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann has the latest from the sea -- and where he's been speaking to Americans coming off the boat. Good morning Robin the Costa Allegra has landed and not -- moment too soon that tropical heat here is a withering. The passengers now on their way to local hotels for their first shower and hot meal in three days. The three day ordeal at sea finally over as the crippled ship was pulled in the harbor here after sunrise. Among the disembarking passengers Ella nor an important -- well from Athens Georgia man. Hello sir they were eating lunch on Monday when the ship's alarms sounded and -- -- a good bit of. -- she will be confusion. They began to lower the -- they're very just -- fast totally disorganized unprofessional. In the way they handled it could have been a disaster revealed -- reporters. If that fire had gotten out of control we -- away from hill. Then. Who knows what the results could have been. They did not have to abandon ship instead they had to endure three days at sea and sweltering heat with no air conditioning no power no water. There have an an unbearable 110 degrees. The passengers slept on -- watched anxiously as helicopters -- in emergency supplies while the tow boats slowly pulled them to land. We were very hot and not the sewage was very -- and -- you know we just. Right now we're just delighted to -- off the show. Like many aboard the Brad wells have accepted the Costa cruise lines offer of a free week at a resort here. Would you go cruising again we would grill is that knowledge -- will not -- of constant ever. Meanwhile three Italian naval investigators have arrived to Begin the investigation into what caused the fire that blew out the ship's generators. As for the Costa Allegra itself it is not going anywhere. Until it's repaired.

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{"id":15823711,"title":"Disabled Cruise Ship Arrives in the Seychelles","duration":"2:03","description":"The ship finally docks after losing power at sea three days ago.","url":"/GMA/video/disabled-cruise-ship-arrives-seychelles-15823711","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}