Disaster At Sea: Finding Survivors

Rescue workers work to find trapped crew and passengers on sinking cruise ship.
5:38 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Disaster At Sea: Finding Survivors
At luxury cruise ship disaster we're hearing harrowing stories this morning about the thousands of well heeled. Panicked passengers clambering to save themselves. The staff insisting nothing was wrong the captain now under arrest for abandoning ship and as we speak the desperate search. For people trapped alive ABC's llama Hasan. Has the very latest right now from -- -- Santo Stefano Italy -- good morning. Good morning down while helicopters have just -- more rescuers onboard the ship when you look at the wreckage -- the scale of the disaster it's hard to believe it. But they are finding passengers trapped alive in just moments ago a survivor was rescued. This morning an Italian crew member was pulled out alive -- -- rescuers found him inside the ship there is still -- a this South Korean couple rescued -- to being trapped in their cabin for 24 hours -- to the ship went down. And the investigation into what happened is now in full swing. The captain of the ship is now in custody facing possible charges of manslaughter and abandoning his ship. We are learning new details this morning of what appears to be compete chaos on board I was crying I was terrified and I just you know this -- host more than a die here denied that began approximately 9:15 PM on Friday night the justice passengers were having dinner. Investigators. Now believe the ship was dangerously close to the sure and hit a wrong. The captain says it was unmarked it immediately ripped open a 160. Foot gash along -- -- -- the -- Within minutes quarter began pouring in. It's at 930 an announcement from the cruise that it was nearly an electrical problems. But with the ship tilting many passengers ignore their orders and scrambled to the debt. Vacationers report the crew did not want to lower the lifeboats. Many report forcing their way on against orders some more lowered but not everyone -- on. By 11 PM the ship was tilting T much to its size and many lifeboats couldn't be -- -- many jumps into the icy waters to make his swim for it. At least fifty people have to be had lifted by helicopter. And I asked start have android tablets -- he had no idea what's going head. Any idea what to do. While divers have located the cruise liners black box which will of course be investigated and should provide -- Into what happened that fateful night -- -- out. All right -- thank you so many harrowing ordeals -- to hear from another couple right now who were on the ship were joined from Rome. -- mark in Serra Clapp who were on board that ship good morning to you guys thank you so much for joining us this morning. Good morning thank -- mark I want to Begin with you because unlike the other passengers we've heard from who were in the dining hall at the time of the crash. -- -- your wife were actually in your -- and ready to go to bed. And then what happened. Actually we went to sleep and -- announcement came on. And nine different languages we woke up and I noticed the ship was leaning to the left about ten degrees. I thought they were turning real fast so we went back to sleep probably just that -- -- we'll let you know more wants to know more as they -- woke up about 45 minutes later with the same announcement. They weren't asking you to leave or instructing you to evacuate at that point yet they -- that even 45 minutes later telling you to remain calm. Problem 45 minutes later they came out of cystic almost electrical problem we're working on Islam and that that's a visit to go to our Muster stations and so we got -- life jackets on their clothes on. -- walked out to Muster stations. And you actually -- moved up higher to the fourth floor on the boat why is that. Actually we overstating on the seventh floor our state urban and and we went to the fourth floor there was the third and fourth floor where the first two floors with balconies with -- both of them. And -- Muster station just happen to be on the fourth floor. And can you describe the scene around you thousands of other passengers not knowing where to go running around we've just heard scenes chaos as the ship. Began to sink and you can you give us some detail on that. Yet the ship was that quite an angle so just walking through the -- was difficult going downstairs was difficult everybody -- a life jackets on. -- -- -- Stewart was on our deck checking our rooms as -- -- leaving which is great we got down and they're probably a thousand people on the fourth floor may be 500 on each side and it was people started loading into lifeboats and there's just panicked people are pushing it was just. Chaotic and -- are also a nurse in new you helped other passengers once you've got to shore described. What you saw and other passengers a lot of -- a bloody noses in it just beaten up passengers. I don't know how they got cut up but there was one lady who had blood running down her face she had a big gash in her nose and those probably fractured. An engine of a cut above her -- but I just checkered jacket -- and over the -- pressure and I kept checking in -- eventually stop the bleeding. She was concerned -- lost too much -- -- issues she was -- using it you know if the doctor for some stitches but. Other they're older couples that were just collapsing on the ground there are so tired of your check -- -- them. British trying to keep people calm was my thing and final question for the both of you -- will you ever go on another cruise after this experience. I don't think well he started -- in. I think you wanna go -- -- -- -- saudis who were they -- words yes and Sarah Palin I went on one of the Caribbean and they spoke English. They spoke English I guess that was helpful -- you want to remain on dry land I can understand that as well. All right we'll have to leave it there really appreciate your your time this morning and then once again what a harrowing tale and -- and we're very fortunate that you managed to get out alive thank you so much.

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{"id":15364851,"title":"Disaster At Sea: Finding Survivors","duration":"5:38","description":"Rescue workers work to find trapped crew and passengers on sinking cruise ship.","url":"/GMA/video/disaster-sea-finding-survivors-15364851","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}