Could You Get Discovered on Instagram?

Matthew Noszka went from construction worker to high-fashion model using social media.
3:59 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Could You Get Discovered on Instagram?
All right. Listen, everyone. Could instagram be the secret to insta fame. Some are saying it is the fastest way to get discovered in the fashion industry and ABC's Mara schiavocampo found out what it takes to go from social media star to supermodel? Well, it helps to be freakishly good looking. But besides that it turns out that all those selfies just might lead to something after all as talent agents are scouring that social media app looking for the next fresh face of fashion. Matthew may look like he was born to model but all of this is all brand-new to him. Just nine months ago this was his life. Working construction with his dad in Pittsburgh and playing college basketball. So how did he go from hometown hottie to high fashion? All thanks to this. We took a photo and I was just standing there. I had cut off blue jeans and not beat up boots. Nothing glamorous. No, nothing glamorous but I was lifting a lot at the time so I guess that's why my body looked -- Yeah, you can kind of tell. That photo changed his life catching the eye of Wilhelmina agent Luke Simone. Heing loo like this all-american guy and looked like 6'2", tall blond guy and I'm like, okay, let me -- And he's building a deck. Never heard of Wilhelmina. One of the biggest model agencies in the world. Pittsburgh is just -- go that wasn't your thing. Blue collar. It wasn't a big thing in Pittsburgh so I asked my mom about it. And she watches "America's next top model." Oh, yeah, it's like a huge model agency and a grand prize they give to the winner. Reporter: Now he's modeling for big designers. Matthew isn't the only one. Winnie Harlow famous for embracing her wivita lchlligo. Hoping to find the next fresh face the fashion world is constantly mining social media. I think specifically with instagram it allows you to have instant and direct access to see somebody's personality so really makes a casting process for people within the industry and agents like myself so much more seamless and easy. Reporter: But with millions of photos posted on instagram every hour, how can you get discovered? Start by showing your personality. You've got to have that personality. Personality is key and that's what everyone is buying into. Less about whether you're full-figured or a certain height or color. In this day and age we are being represented better than ever. Reporter: And include a variety of looks. Had a lot of videos. It was -- showed him obviously his tall, blood good-looking guy. Also was playing basketball so I saw him jumping and like videos and, you know, saw the fact that he's also athletic is huge so in a lot of his videos -- With all the new eyes on him, every selfie requires precision, he showed me just how it's done. Give me modeling -- what face are -- I want something very chic now. Very chic. I want to make a model face. My go-to face that you can probably see in a lot of my selfies is just like a smise. You go from smiling to like -- I'm red I. Ready? Reporter: The result worthy of a cover. I love the comments. The comments are the funniest. I'm going to post it. All right. So that selfie getting more than 2900 likes so far. Can we try a smise. Can we post it? We'll post that one. Also instagram following has exploded he started with about a thousand followers. Now more than 200,000. Like you said it helps to be really, really, really good looking. And have ripped abs. And to be in your 20s.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Matthew Noszka went from construction worker to high-fashion model using social media. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30044202","title":"Could You Get Discovered on Instagram?","url":"/GMA/video/discovered-instagram-30044202"}