Disney Opens Up 'New Fantasyland' Theme Park

New theme park allows visitors to visit scenes from "Beauty and the Beast," "Dumbo."
3:18 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Disney Opens Up 'New Fantasyland' Theme Park
I mean, you can do it. Disney world dreamed it. And today, they have the grand opening of a brand-new park. It's called fantasyland. And our own cameron mathison and his kids were invited for a special sneak peek. Thank you, mickey. Looks fantastic. Imagine being invited to a fairy tale. The kids and I felt like we walked into the french village of "beauty and the beast." pardon me my french. At belle's enchanted tales, everyone, including yours truly, gets a part. I wil be fabulous. Let's go now. We don't have much time. Reporter: I played murray. So cold. So cold. Lucas played the beast. A teacup named chip. Next door is first new castle in four decades. It belongs to the beast. Inside is the be our guest restaurant. It's an exact replica of the ballroom, from the chandeliers. To the cherubs on the ceiling, to the snowy scenery and magic portrait, that changes from prince to beast, before your eyes. But I had any eye out for a different kind of guy. Look at this. It's gaston. Your favorite. He is one of my favorites. You're right. How are you doing? Hello. I'm cameron. The pleasure's all yours. Reporter: Lucas has a question for him. How many can you do? Plenty. Probably more than you can, for sure. Reporter: We took the challenge, as a family affair. Okay. Beaten by the master, I asked gaston where he gets his confidence. Red is scientifically proven to make you 10% more attractive. That's why I wear red all the time. Reporter: Like you need that. I know. It's just an extra boost. Reporter: What do you any? 10% more attractive? 2%. Reporter: I'll take 2%. Our gang headed underwater, to aerial's grotto. It's my second time meeting a mermaid. Oh, my gosh. How exciting. I hope you've been doing a lot of swimming. You're probably a pretty fast swimmer, too. Reporter: From sea to sky, we were off to the new double-dumbo. Twice the fun. We capped off the day with barnstormer. That was awesome. Again. Reporter: Again? Yes. Again and again and again. Until we all got our fill and we head home to tell mom all about it. That's right. A little higher. Little higher. And all of this is just the beginning. Tomorrow, cameron will take us on a wild ride on a disney imaginering don't miss that. World-class engineers designed it. And cameron will drive a car himself. Coming up, master chef tyler florence is in the kitchen with

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{"id":17893209,"title":"Disney Opens Up 'New Fantasyland' Theme Park","duration":"3:18","description":"New theme park allows visitors to visit scenes from \"Beauty and the Beast,\" \"Dumbo.\"","url":"/GMA/video/disney-opens-fantasyland-theme-park-17893209","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}