Disneyland Stays Open for 24 Hours

Rachel Smith reports the extended hours of the popular vacation destination.
2:52 | 05/25/13

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Transcript for Disneyland Stays Open for 24 Hours
For both Orlando and Anaheim. We're Disney are -- -- is during EG rated all night and we weren't invited to this all -- -- our parent company is keeping Disneyland and Disney World opened for 24 hours straight. And ABC's Rachel Smith who was -- is in the middle of all -- Disneyland and tell us -- time -- Intel. Okay. -- -- -- yeah right now we're hanging out. And you know what millions and learning moments and Armenians and the -- -- -- A happy place -- that missing one of the biggest parties can't -- the -- and -- -- Take up its monster summer and Disney's inviting diehard fans they're the ones in the lives my mom lives. To run wild to remove 24 hours he put his magic kingdom and California. Mainly in Missouri it's your eyes and attract -- -- all throughout tonight's. Thousands of Mickey -- got them right in their elitist stormed the parks at the stadium Friday even camped out overnight -- -- -- -- spend all day in on the night of his legendary right. Fireworks. Over the top -- And of course the good news little -- celebrity encounters. Yeah. To orchestrate -- monster stunt like this big turned a monster thinks Mike -- Sally -- now. Stewart celebrating -- return to the countless green monsters university nine lead Friday -- got back I am just looking at a time night. At the -- -- things it's one of the most excited attendees this DirecTV channel state yet Rhode Island they. Isn't sure on that they have gone our -- I'm -- -- every product gay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- new round standstill Don Cunningham some fans dressed for the occasion decked out in a Disney fine and others. The more comfortable beds -- -- dominance. It was an all night -- and wonderful world like no let it. IRA the rest is family is just one of so many that turned out it is at that event will also CSX -- -- right now was it CIA. I think -- -- so how did you mean it's just me at all not. My mom woke me up. -- -- -- Mom was a good idea to be here this evening did you have signed we had a great time -- and of course I mean how can you miss these lovely outfits they're decked out their. Safe to say it's been. Been a memorable night here -- sent the lovely Disney -- write some payments -- I don't like little Sophia today and -- -- -- -- -- you -- -- I don't like. What -- -- him guilty of trying to.

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{"id":19255721,"title":"Disneyland Stays Open for 24 Hours","duration":"2:52","description":"Rachel Smith reports the extended hours of the popular vacation destination.","url":"/GMA/video/disneyland-stays-open-24-hours-19255721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}